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Life Not only is this month the start of a new year, but it’s also the kickoff of a new decade! It’s hard to believe it’s already time for New Year’s resolutions, but I’m ready to run headfirst into making them and tackling whatever challenges 2020 throws our way. This year, I’ve decided my focus is going to be on my tribe: the hardworking employees who make Lynnpro tick. Cheri and I already do what we can to put our employees first and make sure they have the opportunity to live their lives after work, but for 2020, we want to take that to another level. Our goal is to help them become better, smarter, happier people while we also become better ourselves. That’s a big mountain to climb, but, luckily, I’ve had help doing it. Two years ago, I joined the entrepreneurship coaching program Strategic Coach and started working with a wonderful program advisor named Amy Gray. Amy has given me the tools I needed to communicate my vision for Lynnpro’s future and work with my team to make it happen. That said, I know she can explain the process better than I can, so I’ve given her the rest of this newsletter to do it. Take it away, Amy!


beginning, it was clear Jeff had big dreams, and his vision for Lynnpro was unique.

worked closely with him on over these last few years is communicating that vision in a clear way, igniting the people in his organization to rise up, improve their performance, and follow him. It might sound a bit cheesy, but I truly believe Jeff is like a rough-cut diamond. When it comes to inspiring his employees, he isn’t a softy or anyone’s therapist, but he believes everyone has the ability to do what he’s done: rise up from a challenging background and succeed. Strategic Coach offers specific tools, like The Impact Filter, The Strategy Circle, and The Experience Transformer, which have helped propel Jeff’s vision forward. Together, he, Cheri, and I are working to unite Lynnpro even more firmly behind a single vision for 2020. I can’t wait to see where the new year takes us!

Every time I speak to Jeff, I’m struck by his focus on improving the lives of his employees. A lot of people come to Strategic Coach to learn how to create self-managing companies because they want to expand their personal freedom, but Jeff is one of those rare business owners who believes everyone should be freer. In that spirit, he’s started initiatives for his employees like Learn to Earn, during which he offered to purchase his employees any personal development or business books they wanted to read and gave them incentives for reading them. He has even enrolled several members of his team in our programs here at Strategic Coach, elevating them to become better leaders!

–Jeff Saxby

Hello, Lynnpro readers! I’m honored to have this space to tell you all a bit about Strategic Coach and Jeff’s journey. Two years ago, Jeff and I started meeting in person at workshops in Chicago and monthly on virtual coaching calls to discuss his goals and hopes for his company and how he could make them happen. From the

Those were both Jeff’s initiatives, and he truly recognizes his role as a visionary. What I’ve

–Amy Gray, Strategic Coach Program Advisor

“This year, I’ve decided my focus is going to be on my tribe: the hardworking employees who make Lynnpro tick.”

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How Eliud Kipchoge Ran a Sub-Two-Hour Marathon

Jim Qualheim, the activity director at Richland High School in Richland, Washington, has been one of Lynnpro’s best customers for more than a decade. Jim started teaching 46 years ago, and he truly loves his kids. That’s why he couldn’t resist our low prices on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and water bottles when he stumbled across them a decade back. “We have a student body of about 2,000 students and a track team of about 225 kids, so the need for apparel is quite great. The kids like to wear the gear, and I don’t like to gouge them,” he explains. “I always get good prices, but years back, I found Lynnpro and I think they probably have the best prices I’ve seen anywhere.” Jim works closely with Becca Tate Richardson, one of our sales consultants, to design the best possible spirit gear. He comes up with design ideas, then works with us to perfect them. “One time I couldn’t decide on shirt design, and I bet I went back and forth six or seven times with the artist at Lynnpro,” Jim recalls. “They probably got tired of me, but we settled on a design we wanted and it worked out really well!” The designs end up on shirts for the student body, individual sports teams, and special events like Veterans Day, Freshman Day, Valentine’s Day, and THE RICHLAND HIGH SCHOOL BOMBERS CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: THE PACERS In a regulation marathon, pacers can only run with marathon participants during the first part of the race. But in order to help Kipchoge secure his desired time, different groups of pacers phased in and out of the marathon, running with Kipchoge the whole way. The pacers’ formation also protected Kipchoge from wind resistance and helped him conserve energy. On Oct. 12, 2019, one man did what distance runners the world over thought was impossible. Eliud Kipchoge, an eight-time major marathon winner and three-time Olympic medalist, became the first person in the world to run a sub-two-hour marathon. That means running 26 miles at 4 1/2 minutes per mile! Though Kipchoge’s marathon last year pushed the boundaries of athletic achievements, a few key elements made his sub-two-hour time possible — and disqualified his marathon from world-record consideration. THE COURSE Kipchoge ran the marathon on a course in Vienna that was mostly a straight line with some gradual turns at each end. It was also completely flat and at sea level, where oxygen levels are higher. That said, Kipchoge’s marathon course broke regulations because it was an exhibition run staged just for him to try and break the two-hour barrier. Apart from his pacers, he was the only runner. He also did not have to stop at any water stations — cyclists rode alongside him to periodically hand him water so he wouldn’t have to slow down.

THE SHOES Kipchoge’s shoes had a carbon-plated midsole, which is thought to make runners more energy efficient. And while it’s not certain just how much the specialized shoes affected his time, it does raise important questions about “technological doping,” a term used when certain sportswear or instruments give athletes an unfair advantage in competitions. Even though Kipchoge’s marathon in Vienna might not qualify as a world record, his exhibition race is still a groundbreaking athletic achievement. His performance shows that, even if it hasn’t been officially done yet, a sub-two-hour marathon on a regulation course might not be too far down the road.

St. Patrick’s Day. The gear is also instrumental in school fundraisers. Every year, for example, the students sell oranges to raise money for school activities, and Jim incentivizes them with the offer of free spirit gear. “If they sell three boxes of oranges, they get a T-shirt. If they sell five, they get a sweatshirt, and if they sell 12, they get a water bottle,” Jim says. Over the years, Jim has spread the word about our products and prices across Washington, handing out our contact information at state conferences. In the end, though, it all comes back to what the shirts represent. “It’s a way for kids to show off their school spirit and get a sense of belonging to something,” Jim says. Jim, thank you for trusting us with your school’s business over the years! We couldn’t ask for a better customer and look forward to many more partnerships to come.


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Wesley is unique because we’ve hired him twice! After coming to work for Lynnpro in 2016 as a screen printer, Wesley left our company to pursue a different career. However, it wasn’t long before he was back at work in our printing room, this time as a utility specialist. We rehired him about two years ago, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. “I had another job that I was working, and I left to prioritize that,” Wesley explains. “But I decided that I liked Lynnpro better, so I came back!”

stretches them, and determines when they need to be replaced. While he enjoys his work, he’s always looking to learn new skills. This year, that’s his New Year’s resolution. “Basically, my main goal is to just learn as much about the company as I can, learn how to do as many things as possible, and help out as much as I can,” he says. Wesley is an Iowa native and was born and raised in Clinton. When he’s not hard at work, he spends his time taking care of his grandmother (who is, unfortunately, struggling with dementia) and playing basketball with his friends.

Our company culture was the deciding factor.

“I like the atmosphere a lot,” he says. “I like what I do, but I really enjoy the people I work with. We get along well, and we can talk to each other. Jeff treats us very well, too. He takes us out, orders us food, and is very good about how he treats us.”

From all of us here on the Lynnpro team, thank you, Wesley, for all you do!

Wesley is the man in charge of our all-important printing screens. He washes them, strips them for reuse, coats them,

How toMake Your Own Sauerkraut

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2 lbs cabbage

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4 tsp fine sea salt

Lid with airlock

Something to weigh down cabbage, ideally made of a nonreactive material like glass


1. Remove outer leaves from cabbage. Slice very thinly. 2. In a large bowl, combine cabbage and salt. Let stand for 20 minutes. 3. Squeeze cabbage to release juices. Let the cabbage continue to soak and release juices for another 20 minutes. 4. Transfer to a jar and press down cabbage until completely submerged in its juices. Weigh down cabbage. 5. Seal jar with airlock. Let cabbage sit at room temperature and away from sunlight for one month. Once fermented, transfer to the fridge. Sauerkraut will keep for six months to one year.





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The Last Frontier of Distance Running

How Lynnpro Gives One School’s Spirit a Boost


Employee Spotlight: Meet Wesley Brandenburg!

How to Make Your Own Sauerkraut


Real Winter Wonderlands

Snow is magical and gorgeous — unless you have to commute in it. If you want to enjoy all the wonder that winter has to offer without the hassle, why not turn it into a vacation? Here are a few breathtaking, snow-covered destinations that any winter lover can enjoy.

right, especially for the rustic cuisine you’ll find there. Don’t expect pasta though. This region is a melting pot of flavors from Austria, northern Italy, and the local Ladin people. Ricotta and sauerkraut pancakes, anyone?



This is the one entry on this list that is best enjoyed during the summer months, which is December–February in the Southern Hemisphere, because that’s when the freezing temperatures of the southernmost continent are at their most hospitable. The Antarctic has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, with cruises taking adventure seekers through the vast, untouched beauty of this far-flung destination. Some tourists even enjoy kayaking or cross-country skiing through this icy paradise.

Above the city of Gyeongju, this ancient Buddhist temple has stood on the slopes of Tohamsan Mountain since the eighth century. Bulguksa, or “Temple of the Buddha Land,” is South Korea’s No. 1 UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it a popular attraction for domestic and international tourism. The crowds and school tours die down during the winter, however, which also happens to be when Bulguksa is at its most pristine. The iced-over lotus ponds and snow-dusted pagodas add to the sense of tranquility this site naturally exudes. If you want the feel of a ski trip to the Alps without the packed slopes and ritzy resorts, the Dolomites are just for you. Located in northeastern Italy, this stunning mountain range is home to some of the best skiing in Europe, as well as many historical sites. The secluded villages that dot the mountain valleys are an attraction in their own THE DOLOMITES, SOUTH TYROL, ITALY




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