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Helping Kids Beat the Odds My High Hopes for Overcomer.org

to do what I did: Weather the storm and succeed in spite of it. With Overcomer.org, I hope to help them along the way. The organization’s goal is to amplify those students’ stories by posting them on our website. Then, we guide them toward success by donating supplies like coats and backpacks and offering donor- supported scholarships for education, job training, military service, and more. This month, Overcomer.org is giving away its very first $1,000 scholarship to an ambitious student at the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center in Providence during the

This year, Feeding America reported that 12.5 million U.S. children are food insecure. That means 1 in 6 kids is at risk of going hungry during lunchtime. Even more kids and teens don’t have backpacks, are forced to walk miles to school in freezing temperatures, or are suffering abuse or chaos at home. All of these things can hold them back from fulfilling their dreams — and I can’t let that stand. Earlier this year, I took a leap outside of my comfort zone and started my own nonprofit, Overcomer.org, to address that very problem. Barriers to education are personal issues for me because when I was in high school, a sudden change of circumstances had a severe impact on my life, making it difficult for me to focus on my studies. After a lot of doubt and struggle, I managed to push through and overcome those challenges instead of letting them define me. Still, looking back, that period was one of the hardest of my life, and it could have easily derailed me from becoming a lawyer and opening Mike Lombardi & Associates. I know that there are millions of kids in the same situation I was in or facing even worse challenges. Many of them are determined

school students enter the next phase of their lives with the skills, resources, and confidence they need and deserve, and there’s no better time to offer the hope of a brighter future than during the holiday season. To learn more about Overcome.org’s mission and the assistance we offer, visit our website or call 401-751-6100. And if a teen in your life inspires you with their determination in the face of adversity, please encourage them to share their story with us at Overcomer.org.

week leading up to Christmas. We’ve been collecting donations and reaching out to schools to solicit student stories for months, and the time is almost here to pick one. Right now, Mike Lombardi & Associates is Overcomer.org’s primary donor, and my team and I will continue to support and give back to our community at every opportunity. It means a lot to me to be able to help high

“Earlier this year, I took a leap outside of my comfort zone and started my own nonprofit.”

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