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Introduction FlippingBook’s perks for digital Benefit Guides

— Videos, GIFs, and links — Private sharing — Tracking and analytics — Effortless updates — Branding and design — Professional format

How to create a Benefit Guide Contacts


Providing clear and timely information about health benefits is crucial for building strong long term relationship with your clients and their employees. That’s why FlippingBook works to help you create unparalleled digital Benefit Guides. FlippingBook Online is an online tool that lets you turn any PDF into an interactive Benefit Guide—in a matter of minutes and with no special skills.

FlippingBook’s perks for your digital Benefit Guides

Videos, GIFs, and links

Professional format

Effortless updates

Private sharing

Branding & design

Tracking & analytics

PROFESSIONAL FORMAT Delight employees with beautiful, easy to access Guides for every screen

FlippingBook turns your PDF Benefit Guides into interactive digital documents available online as direct links and suitable for every screen. Wherever the employees open the Guide, they will always have the best reading experience with it.


Engage deeper with interactivity

• Insert links to useful resources: healthcare plan providers, cost estimators, and more. • Embed videos introducing new healthcare options, organizations, or tips. • Use GIF animations to liven up your Guide and make it more engaging.

PRIVATE SHARING Protect your content online

• Disable the options to share, copy, and download. • Share on your internal benefit portal as a protected embed.

• Set up password protection.

TRACKING & ANALYTICS See how well employees interact with your Benefit Guides

FlippingBook allows you to track how many employees read the Guides and for how long. If a digital Guide doesn’t get enough views during open enrollment, remind the client to communicate with employees.


Views & visitors Monitor how many employees access the guide and how many times. If the Guide doesn’t get enough views, you can contact your client about it.

Clicks See what links people click to learn what information they need the most or which healthcare providers they prefer.

Time spent Analyze how much time employees spend reading the whole Guide and single pages. Strengthen your content for better engagement.

Prints & Downloads See how many times the Guide’s original PDF was downloaded or printed (if available) as an extra way to measure engagement.

EFFORTLESS UPDATES Be sure your employees always have the latest information on hand

Forget about reprinting or resending your Guides when you need to update a plan or contact info. All you need to do is re-upload your PDF, and a new version of the document will go live under its original link.

BRANDING AND DESIGN Make your Benefit Guides instantly recognizable

Maintain the professional look of your Benefit Guides with your branding and a custom design: • Clickable logo and a favicon • Your own color palette and background

• Branded link for instant recognition

How to create a Benefit Guide with FlippingBook


Upload your PDF to a FlippingBook Online account. Your digital Benefit Guide will be converted into a digital document in 1-2 minutes.



Brand it and add interactive content—videos, GIFs, links, and more.


Add content protection. Disable the options to print, download, and share; set up a password or copy the embed code. Share the Guide. You can email it as a direct link or embed it into your website—whichever your clients and their employees prefer.


You’re in good company 9 largest insurance brokerages already deliver digital Benefit Guides with FlippingBook.

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