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I f you are looking to improve your health by making lifestyle changes – but don’t know where to start – you need look no further than the NCH “Healthy Weigh” Weight Management Program at the von Arx Diabetes and Nutrition Health Center. Healthy Weigh is a comprehensive, medically supervised weight-management program that offers individualized counseling, nutrition and lifestyle assessment, meal planning, pre- and post- program lab work, protein supplementation and easy-to-follow recipes. Participants meet for an hour once a week for 12 weeks. “The main reason for joining is that people want to prevent Type 2 diabetes and heart disease in order to live longer, have more energy and to increase their immunity, strength and self-esteem,” said program instructor Audrey McKernan, RD, CDE, LDN, who oversees the program with Diana Vittorio, RD, LDN. “We like to cover whole mind and body wellness through the program,” said McKernan. “It is a particular benefit to women who have osteoporosis, since we have many bone building classes, water aerobics and yoga. It also favorably impacts the way stress is managed.” A general practitioner or cardiologist’s waiver is required for participation in the program’s exercise component and for the use of the protein shake supplementation, which is included in the fee for the self-pay program. “We also request recent labs, taken within a 30-day period,” explained McKernan. “If they are not available, we will run them in order to monitor the individual’s start and end statistics. We have seen big drops in the hemoglobin A1C, triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol) counts. Lipid panels improve, as well as the HDL (good cholesterol) as weight is lost.” “At weekly weigh-ins, we use a bioelectrical impedance scale that tells us not only the participant’s weight, but also their total body water and Program Reaps Impressive Results NCH WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

A three month membership to the Wellness Center is also included in the fee, where trainers can provide guidance on the best type of programs and classes available, depending on

an individual’s strengths or limitations. The goal is to prevent injuries while learning how to operate the gym equipment and determine their target heart rate. “Many members find an exercise buddy to work out with and find camaraderie, comfort, support and encouragement,” said McKernan. The average weight loss over 12 weeks has been between 18 and 35 pounds, said McKernan. “Persons who exercise consistently, six days a week, see the highest weight loss,” she said. Topics covered in the 12-week program include dining out, food as medicine and food planning with a low-glycemic, Mediterranean

fat percentage, so that we are able to see improve- ments as exercise begins,” she added.

meal plan. The effects of emotional and stress eating are also covered, as well as a super- market tour to identify smart food choices. Individualized counseling is provided.

PROGRAM TOPICS INCLUDE: ■ How to select smart foods when dining out ■ All about healthy fats ■ How to make lifestyle changes ■ Stress eating and stress management ■ Deep breathing ■ Importance of exercise ■ Supermarket tours BENEFITS OF THE VON ARX WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM ■ Weight loss ■ A1C goes down ■ Energy increases ■ Improvement in lipid panels ■ Craving for carbohydrates decreases

For more information, call the von Arx Diabetes and Nutrition Health Center at (239) 624-3450.

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