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issue no 27 | October 2010

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Lunch and dinner times during the outbound presented special opportunities to interact with higher officials of the organization, a chance one never likes to miss. Meetings and informal communication between team members helped to know each other better as well as helped to update on several important and encouraging practices being carried out in different offices. The outbound helped our team to revisit certain processes for improved productivity, helped some to come out of their shells and share ideas more openly and gave people a chance to boost confidence levels. Most importantly, outbound created a healthy environment for feedback and encouraged inbound thinking for individual and team improvement.

UNIQUE OUTBOUND PROCESSES THE WORKSHOP WAY Rajat Gupta Rajat Gupta Senior Executive - Training, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is post graduate in Management HR and Masters in Labour Laws & Labour Welfare with a background in Business Administration. He loves to follow his passion for bringing a creative edge to the designing of training programmes. He also believes in the mantra of exploring through continuous learning.

Atyaasaa’s outbound processes are unique in nature as they are designed & developed based on a theme, which is in line with organizations short term & long term goals. These customized designs allow organizations an opportunity to drive home ideas and change which otherwise are found difficult to achieve. Trained professionals who adhere to stringent safety norms & quality equipment manage our outbound processes. We have an access to the best campsites, which makes the process not only transforming but a memorable one too. These customized processes can be designed to meet corporate objectives such as team building, self-awareness work, achieving organization specific objectives as per needs, which may require complete customization. The process is purely experiential and based on adult learning techniques.

BEAN STATEMENT "Limiting experiences create limiting beliefs. Challenging experiences create enabled beliefs. The choice of experience does always lie with us.”

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