Achieve PT: Neck Pain and Stress


Fun times inTahoe! Each year my wife and I have the wonderful opportunity to go skiing for a few days with 4 other couples at the Northstar ski resort in Lake Tahoe. It is an awesome time for several reasons. First, it is time for my wife and I to be together without our children. One of my friends refers to this as “marriage insurance” and I highly recommend it. I don’t think you need to do something extravagant, you just need to continue to date the one you love. Second, the 4 other couples that we go with are awesome people and we laugh out loud most of the time as we exchange stories, eat, ski and play games together. We all seem to be going through similar phases of life with kids and work and I gain strength from each of them as we share strategies to deal with life’s challenges. Third, we get to pursue an activity that we love. I grew up skiing and I love being up in the mountains, breathing the fresh air, cruising down the hill, and hunting for powder when the weather cooperates. It reminds of times in my early childhood when I would ski more often. Finally, it is a time for us to recharge our batteries. Even though I love what I do as a Physical Therapist, working with each of you, I always feel more energized coming back to the clinic after being away. I think taking an occasional break is one of the important things that each of us can do to help manage stress in our lives. Whatever you pursue to relieve stress, whether it is exercise, reading a book, going to the movies, traveling, etc, make sure that you do it often enough so that little issues don’t become bigger problems. To your health and wellness! Your Friend, David Hawkins PT, CSCS

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