King's Business - 1947-06

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" I have never been out o f my country before; and coming on the plane, I think, 'Maybe I will be homesick.* But when I arrive, I feel I am at home here. My English she is not so good; but at Bob Jones College, there are many others who come from distant countries, too. fr o m lATIf'i W E R I C Q "When I tell my friends in Guatemala that I plan to go to Bob Jones College, they say, 'But why?’ I tell them, 'Because it is a Christian col­ lege and has fine standards o f academics.’ Here I study hard, but the faculty they are patient and helpful. The boys they are very nice and friendly. "O f course, the girls they are nice, too.” For detailed information write: DR. BOB JONES, JR. CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE

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