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Plan ahead.

Many Americans spend the holidays alone every year, and the pandemic has only made it more difficult for people to see their loved ones, as travel has become more restricted and strenuous.

If you know in advance that you’re going to be spending the holidays alone, planning ahead can prevent negative feelings. While being spontaneous can

SPENDING THE HOLIDAYS ALONE? Boost Your Mood With These Tips

sometimes keep things fresh, it could leave you with a feeling of hopelessness about what to do next. There’s no need for your list to be extensive or highly

If you’re one of these people who are spending their first holiday season alone this year, here are a few strategies you can try to make the situation a little easier. Don’t hold yourself to the usual standards. One of the best things about

detailed, but even just planning to watch a movie or cook some of your favorite dishes can give you something to look forward to. Take care of yourself. Just because you’re not seeing people during the holidays does not mean you

spending the holidays alone is that you can do things your way. You don’t have to worry about meeting everyone else’s standards. Instead, you only have to make yourself happy. Simply telling yourself that you are not going to have the usual holiday environment can slightly help, but redefining what the holiday means to you can remove a huge weight. Trying new things or looking toward the future are great ways to reduce the stress of spending the holidays alone. Keeping up with old traditions may remind you of what you’re missing out on, so it can greatly help to create your own traditions.

should forgo your basic needs. Stick to your regular hygiene habits and do not let them get away from you. The same goes for eating and sleeping. Staying clean, well-fed, and well-rested

goes a long way toward improving your happiness.

As with all mental health advice, what works for some does not work for everyone. Do what you think will work best for you and help you keep your thoughts happy.

Why Does Your Stomach Hurt While Traveling? Quick Gut Health Tips for Travelers

Picture this: You’re flying for a holiday reunion with your family. By the time you leave the airport after arriving at your destination, your stomach is already doing flips, and you haven’t even dug into your favorite family dishes yet.

Instead, drink plenty of water, which can also help alleviate the risk of constipation. If that’s your main concern, keep in mind that Dr. Ravella says a lack of fiber is the main reason for constipation while traveling. An easy way to avoid this is to eat whole-plant foods, even at restaurants. Follow these tips when you need help fast. Dr. Ravella says that over-the-counter medications, such as antacids, can help your heartburn. If you struggle with mild traveler’s diarrhea, try to keep bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol) and loperamide (Imodium) in your carry-on, ready at all times. If your symptoms worsen into fever, bloody diarrhea, bloody vomiting, or severe abdominal pain, see a health care provider right away.

If this situation sounds familiar, here’s how you can keep your gut healthy, no matter where you are this winter.

Traveling is stressful — even for your gut. Dr. Shilpa Ravella, a gastroenterologist at NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical Center, told Healthline, “Travel can be a hectic time … You may be eating out more and eating new foods in new locations, including more processed foods, and it’s easy to overeat in this setting, placing more stress on your digestive system than at home.” The best solution is to take things slow to avoid overeating. Not only does overeating stretch your stomach, but also “research has found that people who overeat are 10 times more likely to need emergency medical attention for food obstruction,” Dr. Ravella says. Also, even if you wake up at 4 a.m. for your first flight, don’t gulp down coffee all morning. Overconsumption of beverages with lots of sugar, caffeine, or alcohol can irritate your gastrointestinal system, especially if you already have a sensitive stomach.

Lastly, if you really want to be comfortable while traveling, it might be worth trying a magnesium (magnesium bisglycinate chelate) supplement, which has been shown to improve

jet lag and promote relaxation and sleep while traveling. Best of luck!

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