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“After 30 days of working with that lender, the client had been told that they would not be able to approve the loan,” Sean says. “The client then had the decision to cancel the contract or trust me to help. We negotiated some extra time with the seller, and I asked the seller/buyer to put their trust in me and VanDyk to close the loan. We saved it, and that was very gratifying!” Before working with us, Sean spent 22 years as a finance manager in the retail automotive industry. Now though, mortgage work is his passion. “When a Realtor or client works with me, they get someone who genuinely cares about the outcome beyond just a business

When I asked, he told me that his favorite part of being a loan officer is getting a client into their dream home. “It’s amazing to help people with the biggest purchase they are usually ever going to make. Getting someone into a home is a great feeling,” he says.

playing volleyball at the beach, throwing a football in the park, or hiking a trail.

One last fun fact about Nelson: He’s a really lucky guy. Back in his early 20s, he won $5000 from a scratch off! Where can I get some of that good fortune?

Kimberly Lang: Our Rock N’ Roll Grandma

One thing Nelson loves about our company is that we really focus on communication, and

Kimberly is our most experienced loan officer and a huge asset to the company. Before she came on board with us, she co-owned an insurance agency and was a Realtor for 13 years. That's an incredibly valuable

we’re there for the client whenever they need us. This is a big change from other mortgage lenders who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, and

transaction,” he says. “ ... Who you trust to handle the most important purchases in your life matters. My results and VanDyk’s make us the ones you want to work with.” Nelson Fernandez: Our Luckiest Loan Officer

Nelson’s ability to speak Spanish really helps us out.

background for a loan officer.

“You always hear from Realtors and clients how they wish there was more communication and

“As a former Realtor and insurance agent, I have a comprehensive understanding of the entire purchase process from contract to close,” she says. Kimberly is a real people person. She enjoys structuring loans, but connecting with Realtors and borrowers is her favorite part of the job. “I get to meet people from all walks of life, and I am blessed to have some of the nicest borrowers,” she says. Outside of work, Kimberly’s family keeps her busy. She’s married with two grown children, and welcomes her first two grandchildren (twins!) in May. She also loves animals and shares her home with cats. She is a music fan with tastes that array from Paul Simon and the Commodores to AC/DC, DMX, and GRITS. Go Kimberly! As you can see, we have a team of great people here at VanDyk Mortgage. Whether you’re buying a home, need a refinance, or have a buddy in one of those situations, Sean, Nelson, and Kimberly can help. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more.

transparency with their mortgage lenders. With

our Tuesday outreach calls, I feel that this sets us apart from

other lenders,” he says.

Nelson joined our team earlier this year after a decade in the banking industry. He graduated from Rutgers and knows his way around all things finance!

When Nelson isn’t answering clients’ texts, reviewing files, and connecting with Realtors, you can find him hanging out with his wife

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TRIVIA QUESTION: How many Loan Officers did Tim add to his team?

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