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By Scott Thome, Niagara Machine UV Concrete Floor Coating: The ultimate floor protection


ne of the most im- portant parts of your building is the floor.

nance schedule to regularly clean the floor. How to select a coating. While selecting a coating your installer should be provid- ing you ample information for you to make an educated deci- sion. Slip resistance, chemical resistance and amount of time the material needs to cure before use are all important factors. An in-place mock-up should also be installed so the performance properties can be evaluated on-site. What is DiamaPro UV-HS Plus? DiamaPro UV-HS Plus is

formulated to protect a concrete floor with a very fast cure time to reduce downtime. DiamaPro UV-HS Plus is the complete package; withstanding extreme forklift traffic while also pre- venting chemical attack from oils, acids and caustics produc- ing an easy to clean floor. DiamaPro UV-HS Plus is an ultraviolet light cured sys- tem. This method uses high intensity ultraviolet light to react with the resin to develop a very abrasion and chemical resistant protective film. The method is not only extremely efficient but also fast. As soon as the material is applied a light is rolled over the material to cure. When curing, you have wet material in front of the light and cured material behind it curing at a rate up to 3000 s/f per hour. It’s that fast! Now you can dramaticallyminimize your downtime and still have a high- performance system installed. Why Microban? DiamaPro UV-HS Plus con- tains Microban ® helping to in- hibit bacteria growth. Bacteria will double in numbers every 20 minutes. If you start with 100 bacteria cells in a matter of 5 hours you will have ap- proximately 3.3 million cells and it rapidly goes up from there. Microban ® is a propriety antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. It attacks the reproductive system of the organism so it can no longer reproduce. Bacteria not only carries disease, it also pro- duces odors and visible stains. DiamaPro UV-HS Plus starts working as soon as the initial bacteria hit the treated floor. This will help keep your floors cleaner between each cleaning. DiamaPro UV-HS Plus has many advantages to evalu- ate when selecting your next flooring system. Whether your facility is an aviation hanger, food processing plant, automo- tive service station, commercial building or school; DiamaPro UV-HS Plus has features that will provide a benefit to you, your employees, and your fa- cility. All equipment and materials required to apply DiamaPro UV Plus are available from Ni- agara Machine Inc., your single resource for concrete protection systems and installation equip- ment. Scott Thome is a coat- ings specialist Niagara Machine. n

If your floor isn’t performing there could be a multitude of issues. A poor quality floor can create liability due to slips, falls, and equipment damage. At what point can you stat that your floor protection system has failed? Peeling, visible scratching and bare concrete showing through a protective floor coat- ing are all advanced stages of a failure but it had failed long before these have appeared. A coating has failed as soon as it

can no longer be cleaned. To be able to protect the floor the coating must be resistant to all chemicals used in the facility, and there must be a mainte-

All equipment and materials required to apply DiamaPro UV Plus are available from Niagara Machine Inc.,

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