2021 Orthman Research Yield Book


Corn Starter Trial Again in 2021, Orthman and Nutrien teamed up for a starter fertilizer trial. We all had high hopes of learning more from this trial. Unfortunately, when planting we experienced planter issues that greatly compromised the stand. The decision was made to replant. We tried to remove the existing stand with a shallow strip till pass in order to not disturb the ridge. Although initially, this looked successful we found out that we did not remove all of the plants. On May 21, 2021, the plot was replanted with P0622. Throughout the season we monitored and measured plant characteristics as planned and noticed some inconsistencies in that data and attributed those to the excessive stand. When we harvested these trials the inconsistencies continued to show up. After discussion between Orthman Agronomy and Nutrien Agronomy we have concluded that the data is inaccurate and misleading therefore, we will not be publishing the results and we will repeat the trial in 2022.

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