2021 Orthman Research Yield Book


Short Season Corn – Discussion and Results The original purpose of this hybrid being planted was to help create an area for a demo during the field day. We asked North Forty Seed Company to find us a short season hybrid to cut for silage and they found us P9211Q. This hybrid looked great and created another thought. Would it be possible to grow short season corn followed by wheat then by double crop soybeans? On paper it makes sense. We will spend some time evaluating this concept under irrigation. We observed that with a yield of 214.3 bu./ac

this could be a very good way to incorporate another crop into the rotation. We had not adequately planned for this trial therefore we had over fertilized. We also planted these 12 rows along a tree line that takes a lot

12 Rows P9211Q

# of Rows 12 Row Length 1154 Weight 9595 Moisture 15.5 Test Weight 59.5 Yield 15.0 214.3

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