2021 Orthman Research Yield Book


Compaction Trial Results and Discussion

When we evaluated the penetrometer data we could identify the rows with wheel tracks or tracks from the 8RX. The difference is that the compaction installed by the wheel tractor was deeper and more intense than the track tractor. We also noticed that compaction was the most intense on the ends of the field where the strip-till and planter were starting and stopping. The differences in the center of the 1,242 foot length of planting was not as dramatic as the ends of the passes. One week prior to harvest we hand harvested ears from each of 16 rows for 17 feet 5 inches or 1/1000 th acre. The ears collected from each of the 32 rows were weighed and an average moisture was measured. We then estimated yield using the ear weights. This was repeated three times once on each end of the passes and once in the center of the passes. The west end was the end that the tractor started on for both the wheel tractor and the track

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