2021 Orthman Research Yield Book


Interestingly enough when we weighed the trials harvested with the combine there was an average difference of 5.8 bu./ac between the tractors. The wheel tractor averaged 255.1 bu./ac while

the track tractor averaged 260.9 bu./ac. This difference would result in an average revenue increase of $29.33 per acre with the 8RX over the 8R. Estimating the cost of the 8R at $205,500 and the 8RX at $256,900 there is a difference of $51,400 between the tractors. We can estimate, based off of this study that demonstrated an increase in yield 5.8 bu./ac producing an additional $29.33 of revenue per acre that the price difference between the tractors could be made up with 1,752.2 acres. Our two replications ranged from 1,344 acres to 2,519 acres. We are confident that this data can help you think differently about equipment options.

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