2021 Orthman Research Yield Book


between fall dry strip- till and spring liquid strip till then evaluate yields and profitability of the two treatments. Fall dry strip-till was applied on November 07, 2020 and the liquid

was applied on April 13, 2021. Unfortunately the pounds of nutrients were not consistent between the two applications but plans will be to replicate this trial with a better matching nutrient base. Fertilizer Source Results and Discussion When harvesting we harvested 8 rows of each treatment twice. Yields were very similar between these reps. The average yield for dry strip till was 294.1 bu./ac while the liquid average was 299.6 bu./ac. When we look at the cost of each treatment the dry cost was $61.25/ac and the liquid cost was $81.11/ac. The breakeven for spending $19.86 would be 3.9 bu./ac. Therefore, the average of 5.5

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