2021 Orthman Research Yield Book


Mycorrhiza Fungi Trial The purpose of this trial was to evaluate if the addition of additional mycorrhizal fungi to the system in the starter would result in improved plant health and positive gains in yield. We utilized a product called EndoPrime that contains 5 species of mycorrhiza at the rate of 2 oz./ac. Mycorrhiza Fungi Trial Results and Discussion This trial produced the highest yielding trials on the farm. We thought that the check was good at 310.2 bu./ac but when we added the EndoPrime product we saw an additional 4.2 bu./ac. We had observed throughout the growing season that the EndoPrime treatment had a dark green full canopy and that the rows remained closed longer. We hypothesize that the rows staying closed longer and the dark green canopy resulted in more efficient photosynthesis. The additional 4.2 bu./ac resulted in a revenue change of $21.98 giving a net revenue of $12.98. The EndoPrime product resulted in an ROI of 153%.

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