2021 Orthman Research Yield Book


Soybean Fertility Trial Results and Discussion

When we harvested the check and the strip-till treated we saw an advantage of 15.9 bu./ac where we applied the fertilizer. The addition of fertilizer resulted in additional revenue of $195.28 per acre. Even with the very aggressive fertilizer program we realized a net profit of $64.59 per acre. I don’t believe that there is a farmer today that would turn down an additional $64/ac of profitability. The ROI of 49% is nothing to be saying no to.

Soybean Fertility Trial

Check No Fertility Strip Till Fertility in Strip Till

% Mosture Test weight Yield 13.0%

10.3 58.0 90.2

10.2 58.0


Difference from check Product Cost $/ac


$ $ $

130.69 12.27 195.28

Grain Price

Revenu Change

Net Revenue




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