2021 Orthman Research Yield Book


Conclusions A trial conducted over two years to compare plow tillage and raised bed tillage to strip-tillage, showed no significant differences in cotton yields and fiber quality parameters across the tillage treatments. Additionally, soil physical measurements and POXC were not significantly different with tillage treatments. Out of all the biological measurements assessed, only the total fungal biomass and the AMF gave significant difference with tillage treatments, with strip tillage and bed tillage having higher measurement values than the plow tillage. Sampling time significantly impacted most of the soil measurements, with the physical measurements and POXC having final measurements (measurements at the end of second trial year) that were lower and less favorable than the initial measurements at the beginning of the experiment. However, the biological measurements were opposite, being higher and more favorable at the end of the second trial year. In this experiment, the total fungal population and the AMF were sensitive enough to soil disturbances to distinguish between the tillage systems, thus these measurements may serve as potential soil quality indicators for

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