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NewTek TV is the new digital platform from NewTek that allows the broadcast technology industry to keep informed about our latest updates, talk to our experts, share ideas, and see live demos.

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Upcoming Schedule

May 14th – 2pm UK/3pm CET Myth-busting NDI with Panasonic This session is sign-up only – please click here to register.

May 14th – 4pm UK/5pm CET Behind the Scenes of Myth-busting NDI

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Myth-busting NDI Thursday 14thMay 2pmUK/3pmCET

Since the inception of NDI, both NewTek and Panasonichave worked together extensively, with the aimof supportinghigh-qualityvideo and audio capturewith extremely low levels of latency, as well as saving set-up time, and supporting easier installations. NDI has also opened up creative opportunities to usedifferentdevices within a network that might have otherwise been extremely complex to configure, and thereforedemonstrates the ease of implementing an end-to-end IP-based workflow for professional usage. In this episode, Liam Hayter fromNewTek and Dean Offord fromPanasonic take on the roles of ‘Myth - busters’ by covering some of key queries that often arisewith NDI, as well as covering some of the latest developments in NDI workflows including announcements fromNAB 2020. Liam and Dean will also be joined by Brian Shek and Dan Money fromthe Supreme Courtof the United Kingdom, who will be discussinghow their useof NDI technology enables them to reach a large audiencewith a live stream.

This session is sign-up only – please click here to register.

Hosted by: LiamHayter

Guests: DeanOfford, Panasonic Brian Shek, Supreme Court DanMoney, Supreme Court

Created with: TriCaster, TalkShow 4000, NDI 4.5

LiveQ&Awith the guests

Behind the Scenes of Myth- busting NDI Thursday 14thMay 4pmUK/5pmCET

A special episode showinghowwe produced the Muth-bustingNDI live session.

LiamHayter and Dean Offordwill take you behind the scenes and show you their home set up. Youwill see how they used their tools for remote production to create, produce and stream this live episode.

Join and learn how to do it yourself!

Host: Liam Hayter

Guests: Dean Offord, Panasonic

Created with: TriCaster, TalkShow 4000, NDI 4.5

Live Q&A with the guests

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