Q2 | 2018

Pinnacle Continues its Award- Winning Tradition




Tracy Slappey-Scott Honored with Jacquie PavlakAward For the past four years, TH Real Estate has

A Message From President & CEO Rick Graf

presented the Jacquie Pavlak Award to an individual they feel displays Jacquie’s same positive and innovative qualities. She

Team Members, If you have ever taught a child about opposites, you probably started with the most obvious ones like up and down, day and night, or dark and light. With someone a bit older, the conversation might have inched into the concept of right and wrong. The point is, we all learned from an early age that everything has a flipside. As adults, we have come to learn that those who lead with strong intention can usually turn situations around. Pinnacle Purpose is a new corporate program we just rolled out to support each of our efforts to affect change. It is not only a platform to host community service activities, but also a lifeline for our residents who might need a boost. We are focusing on people who, through no fault of their own, might have fallen into a financial crunch that makes it difficult to pay their rent. They need a way to climb out of their slump, to find the upside of their situation. In the game of opposites, these are good people, not bad. They are hard-working people who just need assistance until some sense of normal comes back into their lives. As a company, we want to help. We will help. Pinnacle Purpose also focuses beyond the individual towards a pool of thousands who are less fortunate than ourselves. As a team, we will put on our Heart of Service t-shirts and walk with purpose into the food banks or the hospitals or the resource centers to do whatever it takes to make someone’s life better. We will coordinate these efforts throughout the year and certainly during our dedicated week each October. It’s what we are called to do. And our new program will help pull it all together. As you lead down this charitable path with intention, I encourage each of you share your labors of love with us. We want to hear about what you are doing to strengthen the frame of our company culture. Use the Pinnacle Purpose buttons that have been set up on the Intranet to tell your story and send us your photos as well. Each time you participate in an activity, I also ask that you pay attention to your own transformation. No one serves without feeling the benefit.

was one of the company’s valued team players who died at the age of 39, but not before demonstrating a fierce ability to excel at executing business plans, managing her team and delivering results. The award is their special tribute to that young woman’s spirit and strong values. This year, our client gave the well- deserved recognition toTracy Slappey- Scott, Pinnacle’s Austin-based Vice President, at theTHRE Multifamily Property Management Summit in Dallas. They spoke about howTracy has worked with them for several years on a number of critical value- add deals, many of which were time sensitive and required the quick use of capital. They shared howTracy is an excellent team builder who sets clear expectations for her team. It was also mentioned how she willingly assists with any task, even if it involves one of their acquisitions outside of her region.

It was their honor to tout Tracy as a high energy motivator who

understands the business perspective, sets out a plan, executes, and delivers. And it is ours as well. Congratulations and thank you, Tracy, for being a role model to us all.


Rick Graf President and CEO




After 16 years working with Pinnacle in operations, I was afforded the opportunity to launch Pinnacle Purpose, a new program that aligns with our core value of Community. Each day, as team members of this company, we are encouraged to embrace

We all have a genuine desire to love and help others. Thanks to Pinnacle Purpose, we are able to express this desire in the workplace with likeminded team members. Our web page is now live, (https:// pinnacleliving.com/our-story/pinnacle- purpose/), and features several links to publications and articles about past and current events. Our Community Service Tracker is available on the Pinnacle Intranet, providing us with a tool for capturing the details of our collective volunteer efforts across the country. In May, over 200 of our corporate team members will serveTrident UnitedWay in Charleston as a part of our Annual Leadership Conference. There are several more activities and additions to the program planned for next quarter so stay tuned for more updates. You may have noticed our Facebook gifs over the past month. My personal favorite is “Start your day with Purpose, and infect the world with love!” What is your purpose? We invite you to come along and be a part of Pinnacle Purpose, loving and serving those around us. Take the challenge and serve someone today! Then share the good news.

By Jeanne Klobedans Director of Community Service

our higher purpose and humbly serve others with respect and excellence. This is the heartbeat of our program. Through this initiative, we are sharing how Pinnacle is passionate about serving in our local communities as well as our national footprint. We are also banding together to serve residents in times of need as well as responding to significant events impacting our communities. In many instances, we are partnering with non-profits, volunteering and raising funds for local initiatives. Pinnacle Purpose adds to our team members’ experiences and satisfaction as we embrace the higher purpose of servanthood. Each time I discuss this program with our leadership and team members, it changes the atmosphere.

Senior Vice President Jeremy Edmiston joined KeithWasserman of theThe Gelt Foundation at an industry event in April. Through our partnership, Pinnacle provides rental assistance to qualified residents who experience an unexpected financial emergency that puts them at risk of losing their tenancy and/or becoming homeless.


totaling approximately $72,900 The Pinnacle Cares program has awarded 59 GRANTS

In 2018, the Pinnacle Cares program has awarded four grants totaling $3,500. Since inception, the program has awarded 59 grants totaling $72,900! The program was introduced in March 2016 to offer limited financial assistance to eligible team members who have experienced hardship. To find out more about Pinnacle Cares, visit the My Company section in Ultipro, reach out to your Human Resources representative, or email pinnaclecares@ pinnacleliving.com for questions.



Team Member Spotlight Page Smith | Assistant Property Manager | 7 Years at Pinnacle Page Smith brings a unique perspective to Pinnacle’s property management team with a diverse background in both maintenance and leasing. Currently an Assistant Property Manager at the 145-unit Sofi at Somerset community in Bellevue, Washington, he has held positions as a Leasing Consultant, Maintenance Supervisor, and Maintenance Director. Regardless of role, Page is happiest when he can provide exceptional customer service to residents. The rapport he has established sets him up as the “go to” person at the property. Page also exudes the mission and values that Pinnacle promotes so we thought you might like to learn a bit more about this model team member.

Word has it that you can recite the Pinnacle CoreValues in a matter of seconds.Tell us why you feel these are important and what prompted you to learn them? I can actually recite all the core values in under 20 seconds! These are important because they are applicable both in the context of our day-to-day business and in the more global sense of being a good human being. Pinnacle’s values provide a framework for our performance and interactions with our customers -- both the owners and the residents we work with on a daily basis. And, at the end of the day, I want to work for a company that I believe in.

How important do you think customer service is in your job? Please also give a few examples of your favorite customer interactions. Customer service is a critical aspect of my work, and it’s the central part of what I do on a daily basis. One of my favorite interactions happened recently. We had a family who just had a new baby. Due to some electrical updates, their power was going to be off for a short period of time; but as new parents they were completely panicked about it which, as a parent, I could totally relate to. I was able to help expedite the electrical work so their power was only off for a brief period of time. They were so relieved and grateful that they gave us a great review! What drew you to Pinnacle? I was actually really lucky to end up with my first position as a Maintenance Supervisor with Pinnacle. I had been the Assistant Superintendent at a construction company, and was working on a condo conversion project in 2007. With the change in the economy in 2008, the project failed and the bank took ownership of the property. The bank had Pinnacle come on to manage the remaining condos which were not yet converted. I eventually began working for Pinnacle, and took the Maintenance Supervisor position at this property. Shortly after I joined the Pinnacle team, I knew that I really liked the company’s values, structure, and employees. What interests you most about the industry? I really enjoy the opportunity to work with residents from all over the world, many of whom are new to our country. Often, I am one of the first people my residents meet. It is an honor to be a friendly and supportive resource for them as they start their new adventure here.



What did you want to be when you grew up? I played sports from childhood through college and wanted to become a professional athlete. I really liked the team atmosphere and the necessary dedication to push yourself to meet high goals and standards. If you could pick any other profession in the world, even if it is outrageous, what would it be and why? I love to ski and, not to brag, but I’m pretty good at it! I wanted to be a professional skier.

Who has been your greatest influence in your life? My parents. My mom taught kindergarten for 40+ years and she is the most caring, compassionate, and patient person. She has greatly influenced my ability to connect with people and provide a high level of customer service. My dad was a wine salesman and a business owner. He had excellent business etiquette and taught me about determination and perseverance. What is the greatest trip you have ever taken? My wife and I went to the Caribbean for two weeks on our honeymoon and it was amazing. We

Describe your family and where you grew up.

went scuba diving, swam with turtles, floated down rivers in tropical jungles, had great food, and spent time at the beach.

I was born and raised in Seattle with a brother and two sisters -- the older sister and brother were both adopted and came into our family after losing their parents. My parents are amazing people. We loved growing up in Seattle and were very active in sports and spending time in the outdoors. Then, I met my wife at a Seahawks game. We are both big fans. Now we have two amazing, wonderful little girls who definitely keep us busy outside of work. What has been your favorite accomplishment so far? Professionally, my property, Sofi at Somerset, received the Pacific Urban Residential 2016 Excellence in Operations Award. My best personal accomplishment is my amazing family, wife and two wonderful little girls.

What would be your ideal vacation if money or time was no concern? I would go toThailand.

What would people be most surprised to find out about you? I worked as a sous chef at one of the largest ski resorts in the country in the past and have some pretty cool skills in the kitchen.

CONGRATULATIONS 4th Quarter 2017 Beyond ExtraordinaryTeamMembers

Michelle Hurlbert Property Manager Sofi at Cedar Mill Portland, OR

Ana Rodriguez Housekeeper

Brian Rackliff Director of Purchasing Denver, CO

The Bowie Austin, TX



Client Reporting

What’sYour Superpower? Pinnacle is like a blockbuster superhero flick. The days are non-stop and action-packed, reminiscent of a superhero storyline. Pinnacle’s team members are not the ordinary kind; they possess a diverse set of superpowers that when combined, enable them to defeat any challenge set before them. Their archenemies, a forbidding gang of industry rivals, are no match for them. How is this possible? It is because the source of their power is deeply rooted in the culture of the company. It’s no wonder they continue to wow and amaze their legendary leader, Rick Graf. What’s your superpower? Who are the superheroes on your team? Meet some of Pinnacle’s superheroes within Client Reporting.

By Sally Milton, Senior Vice President, Client Reporting

Contributing writer for Sally Milton, Sheila Leahy – AccountingTechnical Writer

Accounts PayableTeam AP works quietly and diligently to process payables and get checks out the door in a timely manner, while also handling returned vendor and resident checks as well as investigating any payable issues that arise. They stay under the radar, but when an emergency critical payment needs to go out ASAP, AP is on it! They are the “paper pushers” so to speak. Much like Clark Kent, they work behind the scenes and out of the spotlight, but when called upon, they fly into action!

Treasury ServicesTeam Treasury Services works closely with accountants, corporate, regional operations, clients, and financial institutions to provide banking services. This includes maintainingTreasury’s master banking database, managing a multitude of bank platforms, documenting process requirements for ever-changing banking regulations, and facilitating the collection of Pinnacle billbacks. Our Treasury people are the “money movers,” working in stealth mode to move millions of dollars daily. Like Black Panther, they come out of the shadows to save the day!



Project ManagementTeam Client Reporting’s Project Management is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing Client Reporting projects and initiatives. In addition, the team works collaboratively with IT and Corporate Project Management to help execute company initiatives. On a day-to-day basis, the team has been instrumental in ensuring system processes run smoothly. Like Batman and his team, Project Management harnesses technology and the latest gadgets to create value for our clients and team members. They always come to the rescue when the distress call goes out!

Bank ReconciliationTeam The Bank Reconciliation team prepares nearly 2,000 bank reconciliations per month. This involves reconciling property- level bank accounts as well as reporting performance trends and unusual cash activity identified during the reconciliations. Many times discrepancies require research to identify the source of the issue; therefore, the team members are all great problem solvers. Their target goal is a balanced bank reconciliation, and like Hawkeye, they hit the mark every time!

Internal AuditTeam Client Reporting’s Internal Audit team is focused on compliance with policies and procedures surrounding operational and financial processes. The team monitors internally generated exception reports, completes routine desk audits, and performs investigations when abnormal transactions or trends are identified or when there is suspicion of inappropriate activity. The audit findings are

AuditTeam The Audit team’s main purpose is to coordinate external audits initiated by the client and usually conducted by a third-party accounting firm, including financial audits, HUD audits, tax return preparation, payroll audits, etc. The team also assists with site visit reviews of properties, which involves testing various accounting related transactions for accuracy and compliance with policies and procedures. The audit specialists are knowledgeable about Pinnacle’s internal controls. Like Iron Man, they know the ins and outs of the operations and work to keep others in check.

shared with operations to identify training opportunities as well as provide valuable feedback to executive leadership. Like Spiderman, the team’s “Spidey Senses” enable them to spot trouble wherever it lurks!

For specific team contact information, please visit the Client Reporting Contacts or Internal Audit Contacts on the intranet. Will there be a sequel? Stayed tuned…



Learning And Development

What’s UP with Learning and Development?

Q2, 2018 Are you really bad at something? Jot down a few things that come to mind before you move on. Really, just humor me. If you’re like me you can probably identify several things without thinking twice. If you’re good at everything feel free to skip this article and share your secret with the rest of us! I can tell you that I’m a terrible cook. I have no sense of direction. I couldn’t figure out a geometry equation if my life depended on it. These are things I believe to be true about myself but an interestingTEDTalk got me thinking. How and when do we decide that we just aren’t good at things? Is it our brains and inherent abilities or could the real problem have more to do with attitude than aptitude? Hold on to that list you made as we dig a little deeper.

By Beth Luques Director of Organizational Learning

Talent is not about intelligence so much as it’s about a person’s belief, attitude or outlook about themselves.

The Science of “Can’t” TheTED talk I referenced was given by a Professor of psychology at Stanford University named Carol Dwek. She has a Ph.D. fromYale and has taught at some of the most prestigious colleges around the country, including Columbia University and Harvard. She is most well known for her research on the difference between a “fixed” and a “growth” mindset. To sum it up very simply, she argues that talent is not about intelligence so much as it’s about a person’s belief, attitude or outlook about themselves. She explains that intelligence, as well as abilities or talents, are not just a result of being “born that way.”The key differentiator between those who succeed and those who don’t is plain old fashioned hard work. We’ve all heard that before but the science behind it is pretty fascinating.

Growth Mindset In one of her most famous experiments, Carol gave 10-year-olds problems that were slightly too hard for them to measure their reactions. Some of them were very positive, saying things like, I love a challenge, or, I was hoping to

Fixed Mindset The other group of kids in this study were quickly frustrated and gave up. They felt that they had been set up for judgement and that because they weren’t able to solve the problems, they failed. Many became defensive and argued that they just weren’t good at the task. These students had what Carol calls a “fixed mindset,” which is the idea that

learn something new. They understood that their abilities could be developed and were not afraid to make mistakes as they worked through solutions. In fact, they thought that was the fun part. They had what Carol calls a “growth mindset.”This was only one study but time after time the research showed the same results with people of all ages. From the classroom to the boardroom, those who believed they could do something and worked hard to accomplish it were successful.

your talents and abilities are set in stone. People in this category usually thrive on the praise and want to throw in the towel when they don’t receive it. What good is an “A” for effort anyways? They avoid risks and prefer to stay within their comfort zones. It’s easy to look at our cultural obsession with perfection and performance and see that most kids are conditioned to seek good grades, awards and lots of “likes” at a very early age.



Honest Assessment Adults face no less pressure and may have fixed their mindsets in first grade, making it especially difficult to shift their thinking. Many prominent business articles cite Carol Dwek to describe the threat of a fixed mindset in the workplace. So why not just stay stuck? Going back to the beginning of the article, look at the list you made and ask yourself a few questions: 1. Why do I think I’m not good at this? 2. How hard did I try to improve? 3. Is this something I just plain don’t like or don’t want to do? If I think about my examples, the truth is I hate to cook. It’s easier to rely on Google Maps than to learn navigational skills. I struggled with math my whole life and my teachers reinforced the idea that it just wasn’t my strength in school. I don’t really have to change these things if I don’t want to, but I suspect that if I put the effort in I would see real improvement. What about you?

Choosing to Change The problem with the workplace is that it involves constant change, especially when it comes to technology, and companies can’t afford to have teams that won’t adapt. Fear of failure kills creativity, discourages innovation and can even lead to cheating and deception between coworkers to gain a competitive advantage. If your office just rolled out a new software system, you don’t have the luxury of deciding not to learn how to use it. You basically have two choices. Stay stuck and stubborn and bring the office down with you, or roll up your sleeves and dive in. Any new skill may not come naturally but through hard work, good strategies and lots of trial and error, everyone can grow their abilities. The next time you are pushed out of your comfort zone, work on crushing the fixed mindset voice with some positive self-talk. I CAN learn this system. I WILL learn this system. Ask for help, take the training, work out the kinks and prove to yourself that you can do it. Not only will you be better at your job, you will have the opportunity to help others on your team succeed. Digging your heels in and claiming you can’t will only make the situation worse for everyone involved. I daresay I will never be a master chef, but I vow to burn a bunch of lasagnas and invite my friends over for dinner again when I finally get it right. Even if it’s bad they will appreciate the effort because they know how hard I tried and let’s face it, it has to be better than the last one I served them. By simply reframing the way we think about our own potential and embracing the struggle, we will ultimately worry less and achieve more. You may have noticed our new monthly Resource RoundUp and it was created in the spirit of encouraging accountability for personal education. Take what you want, leave what you don’t, but I hope you find something that challenges you personally and professionally to explore something new. Watch for a link to Carol’s TEDTalk in the next issue and send any ideas you’d like to share!

Peak Performing Properties

Each quarter, Pinnacle’s Client Reporting team recognizes the Peak Performing Properties for receiving 100% month-end scores. Properties with six or more

consecutive perfect scores as of the most recent reporting month are listed on the Pinnacle Intranet or can be reviewed through the following link: http://home.pinnaclefamily.com/pages/stories/quarterly-month-end-scores/ .

We congratulate these properties for their outstanding performance!




A full procession of rodeo horses and riders kicked off the Houston Rodeo and Livestock show, the fun event that followed the Strata Marketing Summit.

Valued Partnership Strengthened through Marketing Summit and Rodeo

Every year around the beginning of March thousands of heads of livestock and

performance of the portfolio of properties. Kicked off by Alex McGhee, Director of Marketing Services, ownership was walked through the state of their portfolios digital performance. Next, Jodi Mott, Social Media Strategist, showcased both Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Social Media performance across all properties. Wrapping up the first half of the day was Jake Brizendine, Marketing Analyst, who gave an update on current and future analytics and reporting. The afternoon session, coordinated by the Field Marketing Team, consisted of market by market reviews starting with the Southeast led by Curtis Cardoza, Director of Marketing Operations – East. Ariel Garcia, Regional Marketing Director, and myself, followed suit and reviewed the South Central andWest regions respectively. These market reviews consisted of property specific performance overviews and recommendations. Jennifer Staciokas, Senior Vice President of Marketing &Training, concluded the event with a review of current marketing trends.

hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls from across the country descend upon Houston, Texas for the annual Livestock and Rodeo show. This year was no different, except for the fact that some true city folk decided to hold a marketing summit in conjunction with this famous event. Unlike the rodeo, a stadium was not filled with excited fans; however, similar to the big event those in attendance left happy with what they just experienced. Strata Equity Group, one of Pinnacle’s most valued partners, reached out in late January to request a meeting with the marketing department to review their portfolio’s performance. Happy to accommodate, the marketing department coordinated efforts to put together a robust one-day marketing summit. Knowing the Houston market was an area of focus for Strata and that there were some rodeo fans in the group, the location was a no-brainer. The morning half of the meeting was led by the Marketing Services team and focused on the digital and analytical By Garin Hamburger, Senior Director of Property Marketing



In addition to these thoughtful and detailed sessions, each presenter selected a “Best in Strata” award for the area covered. Those properties were: Royal Oaks in Savannah, GA Best Website Performance Beacon Lakes in Dickinson,TX Best Online Reputation Management and Social Media Performance DeerfieldVillage in Alpharetta, GA Best Average Lease Acquisition Cost Beacon Lakes in Dickinson,TX Best Overall Property Performance – South Central Region DeerfieldVillage in Alpharetta, GA Best Overall Property Performance – South East Region Ranchstone in Parker, CO Best Overall Property Performance – Mountain Region Fulton’s Crossing in Everett,WA Best Overall Property Performance – Northwest Region

Presenting for a captive audience, Jake Brizendine reviewed current and future portfolio reporting and analytics.

After the summit concluded, everyone in attendance migrated to NRG Stadium for the livestock show and rodeo. The group enjoyed watching all of the events from calf roping to bull riding, while eating some delicious BBQ. The evening ended on a high-note with a concert by Jason Aldean. As everyone departed to head back home it was evident that all in attendance took a lot away from the marketing summit. Not only did it showcase all of the hard work Pinnacle teams have invested in Strata’s portfolio, but it further strengthened this valued partnership. It is safe to say that by the time the day was over everyone had exclaimed “YEE-HAW!”


Each month Pinnacle rewards property team members for wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Please congratulate the following for being “SnappedWorking Safely.”










Jesus Montero Elmhurst Village Oviedo, FL

Bukhari Salaam Pillars at Great Bridge Chesapeake, VA

Derick Hillerud Regional Maintenance Minneapolis, MN

Jason Walker Waterford at the Lakes Kent, WA

Aldo Levano Alura Woodland Hills, CA

Tara Cruz Heritage Villas Mission Viejo, CA



Pinnacle’s Brand Promise When dealing with a corporate brand, consistency reigns supreme. The smallest incosistency can impact the way a resident, client or team member perceives the overall value of the company. To keep members informed, the Corporate Marketing Department has created various resources to help all team members understand and utilize Pinnacle’s brand correctly.

Behind The Brand!

By Deanna Donnley Graphic Designer

Which Logo are you Using? There have been several versions of the Pinnacle logo throughout our company’s history and at times it might seem as if any logo will do. Be sure to always use the correct version of Pinnacle’s logo in colors of black and white. You can download these logos on the Pinnacle Intranet. Corporate Central > Marketing > Resources> Branding Materials

Check out our NewTemplates! What are they?

The hard part is already done! Pinnacle’s branded Word and PowerPoint templates have been created to benefit team members, allowing you more time to focus on your project instead of “Pinnaclization.”

Pinnacle BrandedWordTemplate There are multiple versions of our brandedWord template. Make sure you are using the correct version for corporate and onsite. We have even produced a new layout with a fully designed cover!


Pinnacle’s Brand Style Guide What is it?

Body text

The Brand Style Guide provides instruction on how to utilize Pinnacle’s brand across different platforms. In the document you will find guidelines on how to set email signature blocks, proper logo usage, correct color codes and other details outlining Pinnacle’s brand standards. How do I use it? The guide’s objective is to help team members familiarize themselves with who Pinnacle is and what we do. By understanding our company, team members can effectively implement Pinnacle’s brand standards across all company materials and departments.


Pinnacle Branded PowerPointTemplate Our latest PowerPoint is great for any presentation and stands out visually from previous versions. Included within this template: • Cover withTitle • Divider Page • Standard Slide ENTER TITLE TEXT HERE

Where do I find it? All marketing materials can be accessed through the below link on the Pinnacle Intranet: https://home.pinnaclefamily.com/corporatecentral/marketing/



Rent Control Would Add to Our Housing Crisis Published Sunday, March 25, 2018, in the San Diego Business Journal

Much of California, including the San Diego region, is facing a housing crisis that legislators, real estate professionals and builders are nowhere near close to sufficiently addressing. Further compounding this challenge is the renter’s perception that rent control would solve the affordability issue. This could not be further from the truth. Over the past two decades, new housing construction in San Diego has failed to keep pace with population growth,

By Christian Davis, Regional Vice President – California

Rent Control Repealing the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act would allow local governments to implement rent control policies on all housing types regardless of other restrictions put in place by the state. Simply putting a stop to rising rents would not help San Diego’s housing crisis. The housing crisis is a much more complex issue — one driven primarily by the lack of construction of new housing. Putting an arbitrary limit on rental costs does nothing to address the root cause: California needs more housing to support new jobs and a growing population. On the surface, rent control might seem like a logical solution: Prices are too high so the government forces landlords to keep them below a certain threshold. This policy has proven its flaws. One need only look to cities such as San Francisco and NewYork, which despite rent control, have the highest housing costs in the nation. With less income to re-invest in maintenance, the quality of available rental stock decreases, worsening living conditions and creating blight.

leading to a backlog as high as 200,000 units. After years of underbuilding and increases in new jobs and population, the demand for housing has continued to rise. As a result, San Diego’s rent prices have increased an average of 2 percent every six months since 2000. According to the San Diego Housing Commission, as many as 50 percent of San Diegans cannot find affordable rental housing. Of the solutions that are being offered, some may do more harm than good. The rental housing industry is being threatened by a statewide ballot measure to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. You may have never heard of this law, but repealing it would have dramatic implications for our housing market and state economy. A voter approved measure repealing Costa-Hawkins would permanently scare off developers from producing much- needed housing, it would have a direct impact on those individuals who purchased rental condos and houses to enjoy the cash flow benefits during their retirement years, and it would negatively impact retirement funds.

On Site

Residents at ONE CLUB Gulf Shores gathered for a National Championship College Football party.

Congratulations to the ParcWoodland team in Conroe, Texas for capturing 18 solid leases in one week.



Community Service

TheWashington team supported theWashingtonWomen in Need Charity Luncheon, which promotes positive change for women and makes financial grants to those in the state who are ready to make transformational change in education and healthcare.

San Diego team members cleaned up the streets of Ramona, California as part of the PUR Cares program. Out in full force, we blanketed a large area of the main road and cleaned up sidewalks, store fronts and other local businesses – even getting a shout out on the local radio.

The Dallas office raised $530 for Minnie’s Food Pantry, where our first quarter fundraiser provided over 1,590 meals to those in need.

Promoting community health and happiness was the goal of the 5K Color Run in Las Vegas. Pictured from our Las Vegas team are Phyllis Garcia, Linda Hidalgo, Misty Justice, Shannon Gammie, Dora Pettit and Amy Hjerpe.



Heart of Maitland

Through Street Team Movement, Pinnacle Maitland helps to provide a safe place for homeless to wash their clothes.

Pinnacle was recognized as one of the best supportive housing providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at a lunch hosted by Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. Our team members have nurtured partnerships at more than 160 apartments to provide counseling, job seeking services and more for residents. Pictured are James McClinton from Metro Dallas homeless Alliance, Michele Butler, Stewart Hill, and Jeina Parker.

AffordableTrainer Laura Moa spent time at the veteran-centric Freedom’s Path community teaching the onsite and regional teams. This 98-unit affordable lease-up sits on the premises of the VA Medical Center in Augusta and offers exceptional features along with supportive services such as resident education, employment and life skill training, and financial literacy.

Helping in the warehouse at United Against Poverty is one of Pinnacle Maitland’s chosen volunteer activities. The organization provides crisis care, case management, transformative education, food subsidy, employment training and more.

Give Kids theWorld is a popular volunteer spot for the Maitland team. They frequently help out in the kitchen for this organization that works with Make aWish foundation to spread happiness to seriously ill children.

Dallas regional team members packed the equivalent of 9,437 meals during their volunteer day at the NorthTexas Food Bank. Their efforts benefitted the School Pantry and Food 4 Kids programs, which helps provide students with food during the week and on weekends.



Awards and Recognitions

Windermere Apartments was named best Affordable Community and its Groundskeeper, Hector Rivera, was recognized at this year’s Bay Area Apartment Association awards ceremony. Pinnacle was a Diamond Sponsor.

2017ApartmentRatingsTop RatedAward

ApartmentRatings looks at community reviews across the country and publishes an annual list of those receiving at least ten (five within the past year) with a recommend score of 70 percent or higher. Only about five percent of the total properties qualify for the list, making this an outstanding accomplishment. The following 23 Pinnacle properties met the criteria and received the 2017 ApartmentRatings Top Rated Award. Congratulations to:

Uptown Lake Apartments (formerly Uptown City Apartments) Minneapolis, MN The Grand Reserve at EagleValley Woodbury, MN Sonoma Ridge (formerly Cameron Brook) Doraville, GA Fairfield Lakes Pensacola, FL TheWestcott (formerly Reserve at Heritage Oaks) Tallahassee, FL HeronWalk Apartments Jacksonville, FL The Rustic of McKinney (formerly McKinney Orchid Apartments) McKinney, TX

Apple Creek Apartments Omaha, NE Rock Canyon Apartments (formerly Creightons Mill) San Antonio, TX Briarcliff Apartments (formerly Archstone Briarcliff) Atlanta, GA Orchard Ridge Apartment Homes Lynnwood, WA Kruseway Commons Lake Oswego, OR Summer House Apartments Alameda, CA Arboretum Oaks (formerly Hamiltons Mark) Austin, TX Rosemont at Heather Bend Pflugerville, TX

Old Shepherd Place Apartments Plano, TX Hebron 121 Station Lewisville, TX Veritas Apartments Henderson, NV The Nic on Fifth Minneapolis, MN Legends at Lake Highland Dallas, TX Fountain Pointe Los Colinas, Irving, TX Aura Broadway Apartments Tempe, AZ Kamber Ridge Bellevue, WA



Pinnacle Receives National Designation as Best Workplaces for Commuters

Long journeys to work, roadwork delays, traffic accidents or public transportation in general can cause a commuter headache and eat into productive time. Sharing the daily trek with someone or working from another location, when same time. For the third consecutive year, Pinnacle’s Maitland office has been recognized as a BestWorkplace for Commuters by offering benefits that meet a National Standard of Excellence. Over a 12-month period, at least 14 percent of their team members have either shared a ride or taken part in a teleworking program, which reduced at least 6 percent of their commute trips. appropriate, can relieve stress and actually help the environment at the A management team’s ability to turn satisfied residents into loyal ones is critical. Loyalty leads residents to pay more, stay longer and refer more, which can then lead a community to financial success. The Ellis Customer Experience Best in Class Award is presented to the top 10 percent of participating communities who can model such behaviors from their residents. Results are pulled from an annual survey conducted across five touch points -- lead conversion, move-in, maintenance, pre-renewal, and move-out. For the past two years, Villas of Greenville in Greenville, Texas and Westminster in Oldsmar, Florida have topped the list. This year, Banyan Senior Apartments in Port Richey, Florida and Olive Grove Apartments in Ormond Beach, Florida joined the winners. These teams achieved loyalty scores of 90 percent and earned recognition for building exceptional resident experiences.

Sally Milton, Senior Vice President presiding over the Maitland office, explains that the commuter options for team members are just one more way Pinnacle demonstrates the desire to make their lives more manageable as they meet work and family

Elysian at The District was recognized as the Best Apartment Complex at 2017 Best of Las Vegas awards ceremony.

life challenges. Prioritizing commuter benefits speaks to our company culture of putting their needs and the needs of our community first, she says. The Best Workplaces for Commuters program

offers designated organizations access to a range of support services to assess and promote non-driving commuting of employees, including organizational assessment and implementation tool-kits, web-based tools and webinars, staff training, and information exchange.

The staff at Primrose Casa Bella Senior Apartments in Houston was presented with a Certificate of Congressional Recognition 18th District, Texas, for helping resident Isabella Simon achieve academic excellence at the age of 78. While she was undergoing a devastating battle with cancer, the team stuck by her side to assist with her studies, provide a laptop, and cheer her on through graduation from college.

Four Pinnacle PropertiesWinBest inClassAwards fromEllis

Banyan Senior team: PM Dawn Chila, MS Sue Sommer, LC Margie Glass

Nic on Fifth won a 2017 National Resident Satisfaction Award, which was based on Insite resident survey results. The award highlights Pinnacle’s commitment to creating exceptional resident experiences at the 26-story Minneapolis high-rise and recognizes the property for its leadership and focus on communication and retention.

Westminster team: PM Suzanne Pfingsten, AM Cindy Theriot, LC Noelia Perez, LC Omeira Chacon, MS Doug DeLeonardo, MT Rachid Maghriti



The Apartment Association of Nebraska’s annual Stars of Excellence awards ceremony was created to recognize and honor top achievers for their outstanding work in the multifamily industry. One of the region’s biggest events of the year, Pinnacle was proud to take home two awards in 2018. MaintenanceTechnician of theYear and Don Slowik was honored as Maintenance Supervisor of theYear. They each competed against seven other nominees in their respective categories. Also nominated were Heather Miller for Regional Property Manager, Paula Caveye for Property Manager, LynWilson DaveWilson from Apple Creek Apartments was honored as

Pinnacle Las Vegas held a “Living the Dream in 2018” award celebration at the Orleans Hotel and Casino where team members and business partners showcased their dedication and commitment to the company as the crowd danced the night away.

for Assistant Manager and both Janice Teegarden and Shelene VanWyk for Leasing Professional of theYear.

Heather Miller and Don Slowik

Over 1,200 people gathered at theWesternWashington Emerald Awards, held by theWashington Multi-Family Housing Association. After a lengthy, thorough nomination and judging process the recipients were announced at an elegant black tie gala. The Fairways, garden-style TruAmerica property inTacoma won for Curb Appeal. The community also had three finalists at the event: Evan Dorsey for MaintenanceTech of theYear; Daniel Finn for Maintenance Supervisor of theYear; and Angela Flook as Community Manager. Dan Pollino from Aspira was also nominated as Maintenance Supervisor of theYear.

Randy Bryans was honored as the 2017 MaintenanceTechnician of the Year during the Crystal Merit Awards hosted by the Apartment Association of Kansas City. Selected for the exceptional work he does at The Edge at Olathe apartments, Randy is known for serving as grounds, make ready, technician and even occasional supervisor. He is also a helpful, friendly and willing resource to everyone. According to Property Manager Anne Johnston, Randy is extremely capable, always gets the job done and rarely has work order call backs. Everyone is proud to have him as part of the team.

DaveWilson and Don Slowik

Paula Caveye, Shelene VanWyk and JaniceTeegarden



Rising Stars






New Leaders inTraining Selected Michele Butler, our NorthTexas Regional Vice President, envisioned a formal training program where Assistant Property Managers could collaborate, draw on company resources, and advance to their next level of leadership. In 2016, Leaders in Training (LIT) became a reality. Each month, Michele prepares and coordinates sessions so selected candidates can learn about various elements of the Property Manager role. Topics revolve around market surveys, variance reports, dress code standards, financial playlists, revenue management, and more. Pinnacle policies, missions, and core values are also discussed in detail and performance benchmarks are set for property shops, reputation management, accounting month-end reports and ATR standards. Pinnacle would like to congratulate her incoming 2018 – 2019 LIT participants and wish them well on their career advancement journey:

Elizabeth Fee – The Statler Kyle Michel – Villas Central Park

James McCarther II – 2803 Riverside MichaelWashington – Primrose at Park Villas Jason Gerth – Monroe Kendrick Harris – Old Shepard Place Chase Andrews – The Mallory

Nichole Omar – Ascend at Westridge Eva Gaytan – Churchill on the Park Wanda Broadway – Rosemont at Ash Creek Detra Crenshaw – Primrose Oaks

TheWashington Multi Family Housing Association awarded over $16,600 in tuition scholarships for the 2018 Credential program, affording two Pinnacle team members, among others, an opportunity toward career development. A Certified

Never say never. After crossing the finish line in the Coeur d’Alene Ironman race this past August, Brenda Gammie suffered a disappointing setback during her qualifier for the Boston Marathon. Her legs crashed and burned at mile 20 and she missed it by only 12 minutes. We’ll be cheering you on Brenda when you try again in July!

Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) Scholarship went to Rachel Phinney and a National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) Scholarship went to Megan Rich.

Justin Gaboury Installed as President of Connecticut ApartmentAssociation

Stamford-based Justin Gaboury, Regional Property Manager, was installed as President of the

Connecticut Apartment Association to advance and protect the welfare of the apartment industry in Connecticut. He will also draw on the national resources of the National Apartment Association to service members’ interests.



Corporate Events Atlanta Managers Meeting Exponential growth in the region was a hot topic at the latest Atlanta Managers Meeting where Senior Vice President Greg Mark also talked about successes and losses, upcoming opportunities and the company culture. Awards were given to team members for going above and beyond their normal responsibilities and for incorporating four key behaviors into their daily work: doing the right thing, being kind to those around you; being humble; and being intentional.

Several presentations touched on policy, expense management, underwriting, property risk, preventative maintenance and next generation property marketing. One presenter, Senior Revenue Manager Kerria Dimmen, explained amenity-based pricing. The following is a recap of her session: Properties are often set up with the same amenity strategy that was put in place by previous management, which can lead to missed revenue growth. As a first step toward assessing amenities, listen to the feedback your leasing team is getting from prospects and tune into customer's wants and needs. It is important to understand the perceived benefits of a feature, floor plan, location or renovation to determine the true value of an individual apartment. Next, assign a value to that benefit and test it. There's no perfect formula or answer

to valuing an amenity. What works at one property or floor plan may not work on another. It's usually a process of testing a rate, evaluating the success and being willing to change it a little until it is right. The revenue management team is always willing to provide guidance and coaching as you navigate this process. When done properly, amenity-based pricing can facilitate the success of your leasing team, maintain desired occupancy and increase revenue growth.

Eighteen Pinnacle team members participated in the Maintenance Mania competition, which was co-hosted by the Apartment Association of Tarrant County and the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas. Eight events ranging from ceiling fan assembly and icemaker installs to re-keying locks held the spectators captive.

Team members in Dallas wore their favorite team jersey and grazed on typical Superbowl bites while enjoying clips from memorable games at theTailgate Party in February.



Help Needed for One of our Own

Laura Moa’s daughter is battling cancer, and the medical expenses are mounting. Lily is a beautiful and happy three-year- old who must undergo chemotherapy, radiation and surgery for her healing.

Pictured are (Top L to R): Nate Heglund (Vendor), Abby Ellingson (PM), Albree Hebert, Tashana Murphy (PM), Kaitlyn Dodge (PM), Leslie Lopez, Tina Boone. (Bottom L to R): Kianna Reed (Vendor), Claudia Lytton, and Jami Mackay (PM).

Pinnacle’s Regional Managers Claudia Lytton and Albree Hebert, hosted a quarterly manager meeting at iFly indoor skydiving. With the help of Amy Igoe, David Ostrer, Leslie Lopez, Mark Hutcheson, andTina Boone, they put together an agenda that focused on leadership and empowerment, social media presence, improving shop scores and desk audits, and most importantly, transparency and consistency across Regional Vice President Brenda Gammie’s portfolio.

Click Here to view an important video message from Laura Moa

Click Here if you have the ability to donate in any amount towards her treatment so she can transform into the healthiest body possible.

Pinnacle’s Pride and Joy We welcome pictures of all new babies in their Pinnacle onesies to be featured inThe Pinnacle Pulse.

Mattix Josiah Conley Born December 1,2017 Mother: Brandy Deleon,Housekeeper, Waterford Apartments

Nicholas Warren Seltz Born January 5,2018 Father: Noah Seltz,Assistant Property Manager,Bristol Village

Wyatt Hueneka Born October 27,2017 Mother: Nikol Hueneka, Assistant Property Manager, Monterra Apartment Homes

Abigail Hunsaker Born October 23,2017 Parents: Andrew Hunsaker and Melissa Hunsaker,Client Reporting

Twins Isaiah and Andre Wilson Born December 19,2017. Father:Carlos Wilson,Maintenance Supervisor at Dwell at Bay Crossing

Elijeh James Tzib Born February 2,2018 Father: Nigel Tzib,Assistant Property Manager,Parc Woodlands

Everly Hernandez Born December 1,2017 Father: Nicholas Hernandez,Maintenance Director, Cherrywood/Ranchstone

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