A full procession of rodeo horses and riders kicked off the Houston Rodeo and Livestock show, the fun event that followed the Strata Marketing Summit.

Valued Partnership Strengthened through Marketing Summit and Rodeo

Every year around the beginning of March thousands of heads of livestock and

performance of the portfolio of properties. Kicked off by Alex McGhee, Director of Marketing Services, ownership was walked through the state of their portfolios digital performance. Next, Jodi Mott, Social Media Strategist, showcased both Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Social Media performance across all properties. Wrapping up the first half of the day was Jake Brizendine, Marketing Analyst, who gave an update on current and future analytics and reporting. The afternoon session, coordinated by the Field Marketing Team, consisted of market by market reviews starting with the Southeast led by Curtis Cardoza, Director of Marketing Operations – East. Ariel Garcia, Regional Marketing Director, and myself, followed suit and reviewed the South Central andWest regions respectively. These market reviews consisted of property specific performance overviews and recommendations. Jennifer Staciokas, Senior Vice President of Marketing &Training, concluded the event with a review of current marketing trends.

hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls from across the country descend upon Houston, Texas for the annual Livestock and Rodeo show. This year was no different, except for the fact that some true city folk decided to hold a marketing summit in conjunction with this famous event. Unlike the rodeo, a stadium was not filled with excited fans; however, similar to the big event those in attendance left happy with what they just experienced. Strata Equity Group, one of Pinnacle’s most valued partners, reached out in late January to request a meeting with the marketing department to review their portfolio’s performance. Happy to accommodate, the marketing department coordinated efforts to put together a robust one-day marketing summit. Knowing the Houston market was an area of focus for Strata and that there were some rodeo fans in the group, the location was a no-brainer. The morning half of the meeting was led by the Marketing Services team and focused on the digital and analytical By Garin Hamburger, Senior Director of Property Marketing

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