Pinnacle’s Brand Promise When dealing with a corporate brand, consistency reigns supreme. The smallest incosistency can impact the way a resident, client or team member perceives the overall value of the company. To keep members informed, the Corporate Marketing Department has created various resources to help all team members understand and utilize Pinnacle’s brand correctly.

Behind The Brand!

By Deanna Donnley Graphic Designer

Which Logo are you Using? There have been several versions of the Pinnacle logo throughout our company’s history and at times it might seem as if any logo will do. Be sure to always use the correct version of Pinnacle’s logo in colors of black and white. You can download these logos on the Pinnacle Intranet. Corporate Central > Marketing > Resources> Branding Materials

Check out our NewTemplates! What are they?

The hard part is already done! Pinnacle’s branded Word and PowerPoint templates have been created to benefit team members, allowing you more time to focus on your project instead of “Pinnaclization.”

Pinnacle BrandedWordTemplate There are multiple versions of our brandedWord template. Make sure you are using the correct version for corporate and onsite. We have even produced a new layout with a fully designed cover!


Pinnacle’s Brand Style Guide What is it?

Body text

The Brand Style Guide provides instruction on how to utilize Pinnacle’s brand across different platforms. In the document you will find guidelines on how to set email signature blocks, proper logo usage, correct color codes and other details outlining Pinnacle’s brand standards. How do I use it? The guide’s objective is to help team members familiarize themselves with who Pinnacle is and what we do. By understanding our company, team members can effectively implement Pinnacle’s brand standards across all company materials and departments.


Pinnacle Branded PowerPointTemplate Our latest PowerPoint is great for any presentation and stands out visually from previous versions. Included within this template: • Cover withTitle • Divider Page • Standard Slide ENTER TITLE TEXT HERE

Where do I find it? All marketing materials can be accessed through the below link on the Pinnacle Intranet: https://home.pinnaclefamily.com/corporatecentral/marketing/

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