Tracy Slappey-Scott Honored with Jacquie PavlakAward For the past four years, TH Real Estate has

A Message From President & CEO Rick Graf

presented the Jacquie Pavlak Award to an individual they feel displays Jacquie’s same positive and innovative qualities. She

Team Members, If you have ever taught a child about opposites, you probably started with the most obvious ones like up and down, day and night, or dark and light. With someone a bit older, the conversation might have inched into the concept of right and wrong. The point is, we all learned from an early age that everything has a flipside. As adults, we have come to learn that those who lead with strong intention can usually turn situations around. Pinnacle Purpose is a new corporate program we just rolled out to support each of our efforts to affect change. It is not only a platform to host community service activities, but also a lifeline for our residents who might need a boost. We are focusing on people who, through no fault of their own, might have fallen into a financial crunch that makes it difficult to pay their rent. They need a way to climb out of their slump, to find the upside of their situation. In the game of opposites, these are good people, not bad. They are hard-working people who just need assistance until some sense of normal comes back into their lives. As a company, we want to help. We will help. Pinnacle Purpose also focuses beyond the individual towards a pool of thousands who are less fortunate than ourselves. As a team, we will put on our Heart of Service t-shirts and walk with purpose into the food banks or the hospitals or the resource centers to do whatever it takes to make someone’s life better. We will coordinate these efforts throughout the year and certainly during our dedicated week each October. It’s what we are called to do. And our new program will help pull it all together. As you lead down this charitable path with intention, I encourage each of you share your labors of love with us. We want to hear about what you are doing to strengthen the frame of our company culture. Use the Pinnacle Purpose buttons that have been set up on the Intranet to tell your story and send us your photos as well. Each time you participate in an activity, I also ask that you pay attention to your own transformation. No one serves without feeling the benefit.

was one of the company’s valued team players who died at the age of 39, but not before demonstrating a fierce ability to excel at executing business plans, managing her team and delivering results. The award is their special tribute to that young woman’s spirit and strong values. This year, our client gave the well- deserved recognition toTracy Slappey- Scott, Pinnacle’s Austin-based Vice President, at theTHRE Multifamily Property Management Summit in Dallas. They spoke about howTracy has worked with them for several years on a number of critical value- add deals, many of which were time sensitive and required the quick use of capital. They shared howTracy is an excellent team builder who sets clear expectations for her team. It was also mentioned how she willingly assists with any task, even if it involves one of their acquisitions outside of her region.

It was their honor to tout Tracy as a high energy motivator who

understands the business perspective, sets out a plan, executes, and delivers. And it is ours as well. Congratulations and thank you, Tracy, for being a role model to us all.


Rick Graf President and CEO


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