After 16 years working with Pinnacle in operations, I was afforded the opportunity to launch Pinnacle Purpose, a new program that aligns with our core value of Community. Each day, as team members of this company, we are encouraged to embrace

We all have a genuine desire to love and help others. Thanks to Pinnacle Purpose, we are able to express this desire in the workplace with likeminded team members. Our web page is now live, (https:// pinnacleliving.com/our-story/pinnacle- purpose/), and features several links to publications and articles about past and current events. Our Community Service Tracker is available on the Pinnacle Intranet, providing us with a tool for capturing the details of our collective volunteer efforts across the country. In May, over 200 of our corporate team members will serveTrident UnitedWay in Charleston as a part of our Annual Leadership Conference. There are several more activities and additions to the program planned for next quarter so stay tuned for more updates. You may have noticed our Facebook gifs over the past month. My personal favorite is “Start your day with Purpose, and infect the world with love!” What is your purpose? We invite you to come along and be a part of Pinnacle Purpose, loving and serving those around us. Take the challenge and serve someone today! Then share the good news.

By Jeanne Klobedans Director of Community Service

our higher purpose and humbly serve others with respect and excellence. This is the heartbeat of our program. Through this initiative, we are sharing how Pinnacle is passionate about serving in our local communities as well as our national footprint. We are also banding together to serve residents in times of need as well as responding to significant events impacting our communities. In many instances, we are partnering with non-profits, volunteering and raising funds for local initiatives. Pinnacle Purpose adds to our team members’ experiences and satisfaction as we embrace the higher purpose of servanthood. Each time I discuss this program with our leadership and team members, it changes the atmosphere.

Senior Vice President Jeremy Edmiston joined KeithWasserman of theThe Gelt Foundation at an industry event in April. Through our partnership, Pinnacle provides rental assistance to qualified residents who experience an unexpected financial emergency that puts them at risk of losing their tenancy and/or becoming homeless.


totaling approximately $72,900 The Pinnacle Cares program has awarded 59 GRANTS

In 2018, the Pinnacle Cares program has awarded four grants totaling $3,500. Since inception, the program has awarded 59 grants totaling $72,900! The program was introduced in March 2016 to offer limited financial assistance to eligible team members who have experienced hardship. To find out more about Pinnacle Cares, visit the My Company section in Ultipro, reach out to your Human Resources representative, or email pinnaclecares@ pinnacleliving.com for questions.

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