Client Reporting

What’sYour Superpower? Pinnacle is like a blockbuster superhero flick. The days are non-stop and action-packed, reminiscent of a superhero storyline. Pinnacle’s team members are not the ordinary kind; they possess a diverse set of superpowers that when combined, enable them to defeat any challenge set before them. Their archenemies, a forbidding gang of industry rivals, are no match for them. How is this possible? It is because the source of their power is deeply rooted in the culture of the company. It’s no wonder they continue to wow and amaze their legendary leader, Rick Graf. What’s your superpower? Who are the superheroes on your team? Meet some of Pinnacle’s superheroes within Client Reporting.

By Sally Milton, Senior Vice President, Client Reporting

Contributing writer for Sally Milton, Sheila Leahy – AccountingTechnical Writer

Accounts PayableTeam AP works quietly and diligently to process payables and get checks out the door in a timely manner, while also handling returned vendor and resident checks as well as investigating any payable issues that arise. They stay under the radar, but when an emergency critical payment needs to go out ASAP, AP is on it! They are the “paper pushers” so to speak. Much like Clark Kent, they work behind the scenes and out of the spotlight, but when called upon, they fly into action!

Treasury ServicesTeam Treasury Services works closely with accountants, corporate, regional operations, clients, and financial institutions to provide banking services. This includes maintainingTreasury’s master banking database, managing a multitude of bank platforms, documenting process requirements for ever-changing banking regulations, and facilitating the collection of Pinnacle billbacks. Our Treasury people are the “money movers,” working in stealth mode to move millions of dollars daily. Like Black Panther, they come out of the shadows to save the day!

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