Project ManagementTeam Client Reporting’s Project Management is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing Client Reporting projects and initiatives. In addition, the team works collaboratively with IT and Corporate Project Management to help execute company initiatives. On a day-to-day basis, the team has been instrumental in ensuring system processes run smoothly. Like Batman and his team, Project Management harnesses technology and the latest gadgets to create value for our clients and team members. They always come to the rescue when the distress call goes out!

Bank ReconciliationTeam The Bank Reconciliation team prepares nearly 2,000 bank reconciliations per month. This involves reconciling property- level bank accounts as well as reporting performance trends and unusual cash activity identified during the reconciliations. Many times discrepancies require research to identify the source of the issue; therefore, the team members are all great problem solvers. Their target goal is a balanced bank reconciliation, and like Hawkeye, they hit the mark every time!

Internal AuditTeam Client Reporting’s Internal Audit team is focused on compliance with policies and procedures surrounding operational and financial processes. The team monitors internally generated exception reports, completes routine desk audits, and performs investigations when abnormal transactions or trends are identified or when there is suspicion of inappropriate activity. The audit findings are

AuditTeam The Audit team’s main purpose is to coordinate external audits initiated by the client and usually conducted by a third-party accounting firm, including financial audits, HUD audits, tax return preparation, payroll audits, etc. The team also assists with site visit reviews of properties, which involves testing various accounting related transactions for accuracy and compliance with policies and procedures. The audit specialists are knowledgeable about Pinnacle’s internal controls. Like Iron Man, they know the ins and outs of the operations and work to keep others in check.

shared with operations to identify training opportunities as well as provide valuable feedback to executive leadership. Like Spiderman, the team’s “Spidey Senses” enable them to spot trouble wherever it lurks!

For specific team contact information, please visit the Client Reporting Contacts or Internal Audit Contacts on the intranet. Will there be a sequel? Stayed tuned…

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