Honest Assessment Adults face no less pressure and may have fixed their mindsets in first grade, making it especially difficult to shift their thinking. Many prominent business articles cite Carol Dwek to describe the threat of a fixed mindset in the workplace. So why not just stay stuck? Going back to the beginning of the article, look at the list you made and ask yourself a few questions: 1. Why do I think I’m not good at this? 2. How hard did I try to improve? 3. Is this something I just plain don’t like or don’t want to do? If I think about my examples, the truth is I hate to cook. It’s easier to rely on Google Maps than to learn navigational skills. I struggled with math my whole life and my teachers reinforced the idea that it just wasn’t my strength in school. I don’t really have to change these things if I don’t want to, but I suspect that if I put the effort in I would see real improvement. What about you?

Choosing to Change The problem with the workplace is that it involves constant change, especially when it comes to technology, and companies can’t afford to have teams that won’t adapt. Fear of failure kills creativity, discourages innovation and can even lead to cheating and deception between coworkers to gain a competitive advantage. If your office just rolled out a new software system, you don’t have the luxury of deciding not to learn how to use it. You basically have two choices. Stay stuck and stubborn and bring the office down with you, or roll up your sleeves and dive in. Any new skill may not come naturally but through hard work, good strategies and lots of trial and error, everyone can grow their abilities. The next time you are pushed out of your comfort zone, work on crushing the fixed mindset voice with some positive self-talk. I CAN learn this system. I WILL learn this system. Ask for help, take the training, work out the kinks and prove to yourself that you can do it. Not only will you be better at your job, you will have the opportunity to help others on your team succeed. Digging your heels in and claiming you can’t will only make the situation worse for everyone involved. I daresay I will never be a master chef, but I vow to burn a bunch of lasagnas and invite my friends over for dinner again when I finally get it right. Even if it’s bad they will appreciate the effort because they know how hard I tried and let’s face it, it has to be better than the last one I served them. By simply reframing the way we think about our own potential and embracing the struggle, we will ultimately worry less and achieve more. You may have noticed our new monthly Resource RoundUp and it was created in the spirit of encouraging accountability for personal education. Take what you want, leave what you don’t, but I hope you find something that challenges you personally and professionally to explore something new. Watch for a link to Carol’s TEDTalk in the next issue and send any ideas you’d like to share!

Peak Performing Properties

Each quarter, Pinnacle’s Client Reporting team recognizes the Peak Performing Properties for receiving 100% month-end scores. Properties with six or more

consecutive perfect scores as of the most recent reporting month are listed on the Pinnacle Intranet or can be reviewed through the following link: http://home.pinnaclefamily.com/pages/stories/quarterly-month-end-scores/ .

We congratulate these properties for their outstanding performance!

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