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JUNE 2020

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Last month, I got to catch up with five of my best friends from physical therapy school, and we had one of those conversations that make you realize how important friendship is and how grateful you are to have people who really “get you.” We’re living all over the country now — one friend is in New York, another is in California — and we hadn’t talked for quite a while, but it felt like we were right back where we’d left off, talking and joking as if no time had passed. It’s something pretty cool about best friends — no matter how much time has passed, you can pick up right where you left off. Throughout my life, I’ve been lucky to have a group of good friends by my side. They’re the people who helped me keep my head up during tough games in high school, the people who studied with me and provided moral support in college, and the people who’ve been cheering me on ever since. I have this theory: When you’re younger, your friends are the people who live next door to you. They’re your neighbors; you run to the house next door to see if they want to play basketball in the driveway. As you get older and have more freedom, you gravitate toward people you have common interests with. In high school, I was really into sports, and my friends were the people on my teams. In college, my friends were the people who had the same major as I did. While studying manual therapy in the Netherlands, I was lucky enough to meet the person who became my best friend for life. From the first time I met Emilie, I loved hanging out with her. We could travel together for weeks at a time, and I just wanted to spend more time with her. With true friends, you can go through anything and still want to spend time together. You develop that level

of trust and know you’re going to be there for each other. Friends are the people who show up through thick and thin; they’re the ones who stick with you and encourage you even when things get hard. Even if we have a disagreement or differing views on something, with good friends, I know it’s not going to get in the way of our friendship. Good friends compromise and try to see things your way, even if you ultimately have differing viewpoints. Nobody gets along all the time, but my best friends are the people who find compromise on the few points we don’t agree on. Catching up with them has reminded me of how important these connections are. No matter how much time has gone by, you can count on your best friends to be there for you on the other end of the phone.

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