Janet Davis Cleaners - February 2020

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I like everything to be clean, and I know being clean starts at the source. For example, I’m obsessed with clean water. When drinking water, I can tell right away if it’s clean or not. In fact, I always carry around at least one Nalgene of water that has been through my home filtration system. (I even take it into restaurants.) Maybe it’s because I’m in the cleaning business, or maybe I’m in the cleaning business because I like things pure. But I haven’t always been a water snob. It began when my wife got pregnant with our first child. I started to read about the contaminants that sometimes show up in tap water — heavy metals, pharmaceuticals — and it was the first time I really thought about the water we were drinking. While I couldn’t make being pregnant any easier on my wife, I could make sure the water she and our soon-to-be-born baby drank was clean. I installed a filter, and not just any filter: a five-stage reverse osmosis water filtration system. When I do something, I like to go all the way with it, and I didn’t stop with the water. While my wife was pregnant with our second child, I learned how unfiltered air can be especially harmful to developing lungs. I started by buying the premium filters for the furnace. As time went on, I installed standing HEPA air filters in each bedroom of the house as well. My wife thought I was crazy. At work, we have five industrial washers with a prefilter on each one. Those prefilters catch something coming through the city’s water supply almost every month. We have an industrial water softener, too. It can hold hundreds of pounds of salt, and I can always tell right away when it runs out because the number of “recleans” we have skyrockets. I’m just as serious about health and safety as I am about clean water, and I know taking precautions can impact my family and work. In fact, one of our core values at Janet Davis Cleaners is safety. KEEPING THE WATER AND AIR PURE

In dry cleaning, most things run on steam. We have hundreds of feet of pipe full of steam measuring at temperatures in excess of 300 degrees. I make sure all our pipes have proper covers and insulation (above and beyond what we’re required to have). Some dry cleaners don’t, but we do. It is important to me to make sure my employees are safe — not to mention it’s more efficient and better for the environment. My kids are older now. One by one, the stand-alone air filters I installed have failed — their motors broke, or some other necessary component failed, and I didn’t replace them. I’ve tried to separate the outrageous from the things that are simply prodigious, like the premium whole house air filters we still use and change regularly. In addition, our drinking water will always be filtered at home. You don’t really notice the taste of impure water until you’ve had pure water. Keeping our air and water clean, along with keeping everyone safe, is a small way I show my love and appreciation. What unusual or surprising way do you show your love for those around you?

–Kyle Matthews 1 (248) 543-0340


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