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To GOD a Soul WorthDyingFor T he cell door swings shut ... the steps of the turnkey echo away. . . a condemned man sits at the edge of his cot 1 . . alone with his thoughts. His misery is complete . . . not a thing is lack­ ing . . . yet even now a better life may be his for when the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ hung upon Calvary’s tree, God died for all men "that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” Because God did die for all men, Bible Insti­ tute of Los i\hgeles maintains decisive, aggres­ sive, continuous, front-line ministries among

c o n ­ f i n e d within the somber walls of jails and pris­ ons! Let us give you a glimpse of one of these ministries.

under­ graduate young men every Sunday

for more than seven years!' Some Sundays there are no professions, but undaunted the students carry On the services week in and week out . . . and today dozens of men are thanking God for Bible Institute of Los Angeles whose fearless, sane ministry' saved them from a life of shame! Our Correspondence School also has a thrill­ ing ministry among men in reformatories, jails, and prisons and testimonies from Auburn, San Quentin and many like institutions reveal a vital appreciation of the helpful study courses that so effectively unfold the Scriptures to enquiring minds! Of course you believe in ministries of this kind . . . then why not help in their support . . . for example, through the gift of a hun­ dred dollars or more on the Annuity Plan .. . the plan that assures you of an income for life, of from 4% to 9% based upon age. We would like to give you full details.

A city jail. . . human dregs . . . Sunday morn­ ing . . . nine o’clock . i . through the doorway twelve young men . . . undergraduates of Bible Institute of Los Angeles . . . presently they are in one of the1tanks. Soft notes from a portable organ . . . a gospel song . . . a personal testimony . . . God’s Word . . . the message . . . and fifteen men make pub­ lic confession of Him who died to give all men the life abundant. Services like this havelseen held by our

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Intervening Ages at Corresponding Hates -

A beautiful view of our Î3-story fire­ proof buildings as they appear from a vantage point in library Park . . , (Right) Entrance colonnade to the Main Auditorium of the Institute

Age 80, 9%

[ Please send, without obligation, *1 copy of Biola Annuity Booklet. J b - m h k n

B ible I nstitute o f LOS ANGELES A Training School for . Christian Service 536-558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

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The Institute is on the air Tuesday, 5:45 P.M. to 6 P.M., KHJ, Los Angeles; Tuesday to Friday inclusive, 10:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M., KFAC, Los Angeles.

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