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EASY FACEBOOK FOR SENIORS The mother ship of social media can sometimes be more of a maze than a way to connect with others. Facebook took notice of this and created a simplified version of the app specifically designed for those who want to avoid all the distractions. Ease of use makes the opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests simpler than ever. OURTIME Dating in your 50s can be tricky, especially when many singles are looking for specific requirements in a partner. Some are seeking casual relationships, while others are looking for someone to grow old with. OurTime is a dating app that allows seniors to find partners with similar values, priorities, and passions. It’s a great way to find new people to share the golden years with. SKYPE You don’t have to wait for the holidays for your next group gathering; Skype allows you the opportunity to have video chats with anyone who has a smartphone. Maybe your conversation about the football game got cut short at church, or maybe you never finished your discussion at book club. Whatever the occasion, Skype gives you the option to connect with the people around you, even when you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your house. HOW TO REWIND LIFE’S CLOCK USING SOCIAL MEDIA There’s an App for That?

One of the hardest challenges of aging isn’t coping with the physical changes or new limitations associated with getting older; it’s finding new groups of people with similar interests, especially for empty nesters. Many adults build their peer networks around their children, making them the focal point of conversations with other parents in similar situations. But as children grow older and eventually leave home, parents are forced to adjust to their dwindling social lives. While some adults thrive in meeting new people, many struggle to find ways to connect with their peers. Fortunately, there are apps for that.


A Realtor Who Specializes in Estate Management

Rachele Evers, owner of Livingston Lifestyles at 3DX Real Estate, helps both buyers and sellers with real estate transactions. She serves greater Livingston County and has a passion for the area, its properties, and most of all, its people. “I love being able to help clients find a home that suits their lifestyle,” Rachele says. “It’s a joy getting to know folks and guiding them through the process.” Livingston Lifestyles at 3DX Real Estate serves all types of clients, but the company specializes in downsizing and estate management. Because of this focus, Rachele has years of experience navigating the process of pairing older adults with a home that makes sense for them. “My biggest piece of advice is for homeowners to start the conversation with their family as early as possible,” Rachele states. “Often, downsizing involves selling the home where you raised your kids and getting rid of decades of items. Even if a couple is totally prepared to move, their children may not be ready to say goodbye to their childhood home. It may not be easy to talk about this stuff, but it will avoid a lot of unnecessary strife later on.” As far as the downsizing process itself, Rachele says the key is providing clients with the best quality of life possible. “It’s tough to find a smaller location that nails the lifestyle element,” she notes. “And on the selling side, most families want a buyer that will be a good steward of their former property.”

The hardest and longest part, though, is just going through all the built-up objects. “Culling your stuff takes time and requires making hundreds of decisions. It’s simple on paper, but actually getting it done can be daunting,” Rachele adds. Once the move is complete, though, Rachele finds that her clients couldn’t be happier. “It’s not just a sense of relief; it’s a feeling of liberation.”

We’re lucky to have Realtors like Rachele Evers serving our community. If you need help downsizing, visit today.

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