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Welcome to Thames View Primary School

It gives me great pleasure to write to you as the Head of School at Thames View Primary School. Thames View, which is part of the well- respected Howard Academy Trust (THAT), has some real strengths, namely the wonderful cohort of children, an excellent staff team and fantastic school grounds, all of which we intend to make the most of during the coming year. We are a two-form entry school, and with our Nursery, educate 480 children in a friendly and caring environment. At Thames View Primary School, staff are committed to providing an education that enables all pupils to realise their dreams, goals and ambitions. We work in partnership with colleagues, parents and the community, so that pupils achieve academic success and experience personal well-being within a caring and safe environment. We motivate and engage children by delivering a rich and broad curriculum that inspires our pupils to become life-long and responsible learners.

We promote our values of respect, honesty, friendship, perseverance, responsibility and equality throughout all we do, so that our pupils are ready to take their place in a constantly changing world. If you would like to learn more about Thames View than can be seen in this prospectus and on our website, please e-mail or call the office to arrange a visit. We would love to show you round.

Mrs Deanne Daburn Head of School


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Our Ethos

and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. Our school ethos is based on the celebration of the principles of our Mission Statement.

Our school values are:

honesty respect

perseverance responsibility equality


Children and staff are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. We want to promote lifelong learning throughout the school community including children, staff, governors and parents. There is a responsibility by all to promote a positive approach to behaviour management and the following of the School Rules. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions through discussion, such as at Circle Time, where they have the opportunity to discuss their concerns and worries, as well as celebrate their successes. Children are given a voice in order to contribute to the decisions made in the schools, through the School Council, as part of surveys and they are actively encouraged to voice their opinions as individuals.


Pupils feel safe and happy in school - environmental work demonstrates their desire to make their mark on the world. “ ” Ofsted, 2020




At Thames View Primary School our intention is to ensure our children experience a curriculum that has reading, enquiry, vocabulary and knowledge at the heart of their learning. We provide a rich curriculum that enables pupils to see the world from a wide range of perspectives. The curriculum provides enriched opportunities for children to delve deeper into their learning, building on skills progressively each year, and responds to findings from pupil feedback and school data to ensure it is bespoke to their needs and reflects the constantly changing world, locally and globally. We plan learning through an enquiry-based approach to the curriculum with quality texts to support the development of reading and provide writing opportunities within each topic. The topics are organised and sequenced to ensure a blended skills and knowledge progression across the school, and to enhance the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. This enquiry-based approach leads to a more creative and balanced delivery of the curriculum, which includes enrichment days and subject specific focus weeks.


School Day

Morning Session

Afternoon Session





Nursery 8:30am 11:30am 12:30pm 3:30pm Reception and Years 1 & 2 8:55am 12:00pm 1:15pm 3:10pm Years 3 & 4 8:55am 12:00pm 1:00pm 3:15pm Years 5 & 6 8:55am 12:15pm 1:15pm 3:15pm


Hear from our Head of Year 5 & 6


The Classroom Using the outdoors as a classroom is fundamental to the learning opportunities we offer our children along with enrichment visits to other locations. We acknowledge that Educational Visits/activities and visitors/experts are all vital to the enhancement of the quality of education. All visits are assessed for risk and will only take place if they comply with all health and safety and safeguarding legislation and are approved by the Head of School. We encourage children to attend courses/clubs in Medway which are run after school. We are pleased to offer a variety of clubs in the form of short courses to our children at lunchtimes as well as after school. At the end of each term we send out a letter indicating the clubs that will be available for the following term. We allocate places and ensure that there is equal access to places across the year for all pupils. If a club is over subscribed, then those not successful will be given priority for their next application for a club place in the future.



and Support

We aim to provide enough routine within the school day to give everybody the security they need within a caring environment, where each person is valued. The school is committed to providing the best possible opportunity to all children and staff for their achievement and development, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, special need, class or religion. This includes travellers, asylum seekers and refugees. All children should have equal access to the curriculum and the right to an exciting learning environment that dispels ignorance, prejudice and stereotyping - this includes children with special educational needs. The whole school community has the right to protection from insults, abuse, harassment, bullying and racism and any such behaviour will not be tolerated. The school is committed to ensuring racial equality. Our vision for children with special educational needs and disabilities is the same as for all the children at Thames View, which is that they are flexible, resilient, resourceful and respectful to all, so they are ready to take their place as honest, trustworthy and hard-working citizens in a constantly changing world. We have high expectations of all our children and respect the fact that all children have different educational and behavioural needs and aspirations, require different learning strategies, need a range of different teaching experiences and communicate their needs in different ways. We aim to remove barriers to learning and participation through Quality First Teaching, differentiation, enabling every child to experience success and through encouragement which enables them to become independent, lifelong learners.


Hear more about the support we offer our children

Starting School

At Thames View, it is important to us that you and your child feel happy, confident and safe when you join our school family. With this in mind we have developed an induction programme designed to ensure that children and parents are familiar and comfortable with the staff and the school before starting full time in Reception in September. During the summer term, prior to starting Reception, we begin our induction process. This includes: • A home visit with your child’s new teacher and teaching assistant. • An opportunity to attend a parent ‘induction meeting’ conducted by the Head or Deputy Head Teacher. • Play sessions for the children to get to know their new environment and meet their peers and teachers. In September, we introduce a staggered start, with the children new to the school starting first. The children will initially attend half days. This allows for friendships to form and confidence to grow before they stay all day.

For those children already at Thames View in our school nursery, there are opportunities to interact with their new teaching staff throughout the SummerTerm, in order to build up positive relationships.

At Thames View Reception, children partake in daily adult-led phonics, literacy and maths lessons. There are opportunities for the children to practise the skills learnt in these lessons during child- initiated learning. We encourage the children to be independent thinkers, following the curiosity

approach. Our classrooms are filled with many calming and natural resources for the children to explore. Well-being is important and we believe that if our children are happy and secure in their environment, it makes for better learning.




We believe uniform to be an important part of the ethos of the school and we urge parents to support us in this. All clothing, including footwear, should be marked clearly with the child’s name. Children should wear black school shoes, which are safe and suitable for school wear. No boots or trainers should be worn. Our uniform varies based on the current season, and is as follows:

• Grey trousers, shorts, skirt or dress • White shirt or polo shirt • Navy sweatshirt or cardigan • Blue gingham dress • Black shoes (not trainers)

PE and Games Kit:

• Coloured Tee shirt • Navy shorts • Black plimsolls • A named drawstring bag will also be helpful

Uniform can be purchased from School Trends at the following link:


Every member of staff has been helpful, approachable and very understanding with all the children. “ ” Parent, September 2020 10

This school takes care of the children and helps them to achieve their goals. “ ” Pupil, 2020 11



Please note: the information on these pages is for normal times. Whilst we remain in the coronavirus pandemic, we are following all guidance. This includes no non-essential school visits.

Thames View Primary believes in an ‘open door’ policy. Parents are encouraged to be as involved as they wish in the life of the school.

The school has a PTA which holds regular fundraising events to raise money. We raise money for the school to purchase larger equipment or activities to enhance the educational provision on offer. We hold sponsored events, raffles, discos, etc. Meetings and events are advertised in advance so please come along and join us. Offers of help to run events are always appreciated.

Parents are welcome to make contact at any time if they need clarification of any matters or have individual concerns. We do ask that, if possible, such contact is by appointment and not at the beginning of the day when teachers are trying to settle their classes. If a parent needs to speak to a teacher urgently, they are requested to access the teacher through the office staff.

The school is part of the wider community and seeks actively to develop links within it. Periodically, visitors from local religious and voluntary groups as well as other speakers will be invited to join us for assemblies. Children are encouraged to care for the environment both in school and in the wider community. We ask parents to support us in this.


Admissions and

Extra Information

Our school is two form entry, with a Published Admission Number of 60 per year group. Places are allocated byMedway EducationAuthority according to its published admissions

criteria in order of priority: i. Children in public care ii. Children with a current family association iii. Children with health, medical or special access reasons

iv. Children of teaching staff v. Nearness of child’s home

Prospective parents are always welcome to visit our school and are encouraged to telephone the school office for an appointment. Parents must apply to Medway Education Authority to gain a place to our school during the year before the child starts school. If a place is gained at the school, we carry out home visits for those children that have not attended our Nursery. Following the initial visit to the Early Years department, the Head of School gives an introductory talk and parents may raise any questions they have. Children visit their classroom at least twice before they start school.


We are a part of The Howard Academy Trust - a larger community of schools with a shared moral purpose; to make a positive difference to the lives of the young people in our community.

As a Trust, we currently comprise of Medway secondary and primary schools. We have future growth plans extending into North Kent and have been selected by the DfE and Kent County Council to open a new secondary presumption free school in Margate in September 2023. Learning and growth are at the heart of THAT ethos. We recognise and value the unique talents and expertise within our community and aim to create a culture of dignity, respect and ambition, where all can thrive. This is achieved through: Excellent teaching and learning that promotes inclusivity; Regular opportunities for collaborative CPD to ensure best practice across academies; A proactive network for joint working across academies, for staff at various career stages; The highest standards of behaviour and conduct achieved through clear expectations and positive relationships; The unique character of each academy is valued and contributes to the THAT whole Trust ethos; Shared whole trust values of dignity, respect and ambition; High aspirations for all involved with the Trust and a solutions led approach; Each academy is a hub for its local community and families; Facing outwards and working in collaboration with other organisations and stakeholders; A centralised team that allows academies leaders to focus on their core purpose of education.

We are enormously proud of our schools and of the leaders, governors, teachers and support staff who every day ensure our pupils enjoy and make good progress in their learning.

The Howard School

Miers Court Primary School

Deanwood Primary School

Thames View Primary School

Temple Mill Primary School

Waterfront UTC


Find out more about our Trust at:


Contact Us

Address: Thames View Primary School, Bloors Lane, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 7DX

Office Email:

School Phone Number: 01634 629080

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