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Meet Some of the Dedicated Women at Schiller & Hamilton!

For the past year, readers have allowed me to share stories from my early law career to today. It’s been an honor to share these with you! But as we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 and International Women’s Month throughout March, I knew this space would be better served by a few of the women who work at Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm. As you will find out, these four women live the philosophy this firm was founded on: We’ve got your back!

–Bennett Schiller

Elizabeth “Liz” Bogan

But that’s what makes us different than most firms. A lot of us have been together for many years, and we are so involved in each other’s lives. I serve as the office manager in the Rock Hill, South Carolina, location, but I am also connected to the three additional offices. I see how this connection translates into the work we do for clients. We recognize that you’re not just a number. At Schiller & Hamilton, it’s family in and family out. You’re part of our family, regardless of how we can help you.

I’ve been with the firm for the past five years, including what I call my “sabbatical” in the middle. Due to where I was living, I worked for other law firms from spring

2018 to summer 2019. But when the opportunity presented itself, I knew I wanted to come back.

The big work family I had left was still strong and growing when I returned from my absence. Sure, things had changed. We were using new programs, and there were new procedures I had to learn, even after 20 years in the business. I had support from my team as I learned it all, and we rely on each other to this day. I know clients feel that dedication and connection we have as a team at Schiller & Hamilton after that first meeting, and I know it helps them cope with their situations.

Donna Cooper

I’ve been in the legal field for 35 years,

and my specialty as a paralegal is in workers’ compensation cases. It’s certainly not an easy

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part of the law, but after three decades in this business, I know how to ensure we are serving clients as best we can. You really get to know your clients in this line of work. We learn about their families and their kids. We even know their pets’ names! They’re not just another client or number in our files. They are people who have very real, honest fears about where their next paycheck is going to come from. It’s emotional, but that’s where we step in. I’m honored to work alongside coworkers who I consider to be friends to help families find relief. It makes the hard work all the more worth it.

As Bennett always says, we’ve got your back! And that all starts with our team.

Michelle Walling

I first met Bennett long before I came to work for him. In fact, I even knew Joel Hamilton back when he was still a young runner at the firm Bennett worked at. I’ve

watched the two of them and our team grow, and through it all, we became one big family. We care about each other. We probably know more about each other than we should!




I t can be tough to figure out how to switch up family game nights. Kids can be very attached to their electronics, making it hard to get them invested in anything else. With Earth Day coming up this month, you have the perfect excuse to put down the phones and get outside to save the planet. If you’re looking for ways to spend time with your kids on Earth Day, try these eco-friendly family activities! Pick up trash and make art with it. You can teach your kids a lot about downcycling and upcycling through recycled art. Downcycling is when waste is recycled to become a new product, but there’s a loss of quality as a result. Upcycling is the opposite: Whatever you recycle becomes a product with a higher value. One way to upcycle is to create recycled art. Use old newspapers or magazines to create collages or papier-mâché bowl sculptures around balloons, jars, or your own custom shape with chicken wire. You can KEEP IT GREEN

The Best Eco-Friendly and Kid- Friendly Activities for Earth Day

also use old plastic or glass bottles as beautiful hanging planters or create a memorable wind chime from jar lids, tin cans, plastic silverware, and old rubber bands. Plant a garden. Gardening is one of the most rewarding ways to spend time outdoors. Your kids can learn about caring for another living thing and grow their own vegetables and fruits! A great way to start is to find out what’s in season in your area. If you don’t have an outdoor garden, you can pick out some indoor plants or create a hanging garden with recycled bottles! Build a compost system. If you have a garden, the next best thing you can do is start composting at home! Did you know that you can compost your cardboard products? Instead of waiting for the recycling truck every other week, you can use your spare green and brown waste to create incredibly nutritious soil

Hernia Mesh Manufacturers Announce $1.8 Billion Settlement

Hernia mesh lawsuits have become well known across the nation as patients demand action, accountability, and compensation for their pain and suffering and lost wages. In late 2018, the Swiss company Getinge AB set aside about $1.8 billion in U.S. currency to cover the costs of ongoing cases, which continued to mount as of late 2019. estimated the number of new cases in 2019 to be in the thousands. While the number of people seeking justice continues to grow, we at Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm want to ensure every patient who has suffered at the hands of greed from these companies gets the compensation they deserve. If you have sustained further injuries or incurred extra costs as the result of your hernia mesh surgery, now is the time to join us as we fight for compensation. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), problems with hernia mesh have occurred when the mesh has become loose or dissolves too quickly, causing chronic pain, additional hospital stays, and lost work. Among the varying side effects, many patients have reported the following issues:

Chronic pain at the surgical site or in their limbs

Mesh failure or shifting

Inflammation or fluid buildup


Additional hernias or surgeries

Bowel obstruction

Fistulae, which are tunnels that connect otherwise separated parts of the body


This announcement comes on the heels of many companies recalling products and dolling out multimillion-dollar settlements. Other cases are slated to begin in late winter and early spring.

Our team is devoted to helping those who have been injured or lost wages due to mesh surgery but have not yet been compensated. If you have yet to contact our team about hernia mesh negligence, now is the time to get the justice you deserve. Don’t wait any longer to inquire about your rights to compensation! Call our team today We’ve got your back.




As we welcome the return of spring, motorcycle riders across the region are preparing to hit the open road! Before you jump back in the saddle again, follow this rider safety checklist and be prepared for wherever the road takes you. You can also refresh your knowledge by visiting the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s website at Like all vehicles, motorcycles are meant to run, and when they sit idle for months at a time, problems can occur. Mitigate these issues by taking your bike into the shop for a full checkup. A mechanic can provide a thorough diagnosis of the health of your bike and offer solutions to any ailments. If you’re performing your own maintenance check, start with the tires. Cold air deflates tires, and your tires may need to be filled for peak performance. Next, examine brake and fuel lines, oil levels, battery life, and headlights. Look for cracks, dirt buildup, and other damage. Be vigilant on what needs replacement or repair. Finally, go for a very short ride — 1–2 miles will do — to check the clutch tension and brake performance. This gives you a feel for your bike while you listen and examine it for any signs of damage. When the riding season is over, many bikers pause their motorcycle insurance to save extra money. As you prepare to hit the road this spring, contact your insurance company to guarantee your insurance and paperwork are reinstated and up to date. ( Note: Our team can help you through the confusing process of insurance coverage and claims. Learn more at and call us today!) Check Your Paperwork What you wear on your rides is just as important as how your bike functions. Check the fit of your helmet, jackets, reflective wear, and gloves. Make sure your helmet is tight and that your head doesn’t jostle around when you wear it. Reflective gear should be bright and free of blemishes to make you easily visible to motorists. No matter how well you prepare this spring, accidents can happen. But you don’t have to fight for compensation alone. We’ve got your back. Call 1-855-973-7206 to learn how we can help you. Check the Mechanics Check Your Gear

for your garden! Green waste includes vegetable and fruit scraps, eggshells, nutshells, coffee grounds, etc. Brown waste includes cardboard, dead leaves, paper egg cartons, wine corks, and more. Get a bin and maintain a green-to-brown ratio of 1-to-2. Layer, water, and turn the compost to keep it healthy. It can take anywhere from two months to a year, depending on what you put in and how often you turn it.

We hope you and your family have fun with these planet-loving activities! Stay clean!


Michele Dixon

I love people, and I love being involved in our team and community at Schiller & Hamilton. Beyond the firm, we do a lot for our region through Bikers Against Bullies, the YMCA, and other organizations. As the client advocate at Schiller & Hamilton, I’m working with team members and clients. I’m here to ensure we create meaningful relationships with our clients. Together, we encourage clients to focus on themselves and their healing first. We will take care of the insurance creditors. We will manage everything keeping you up at night, so all you have to do is rest and recover.

To me, that is truly having your back.






803.366.0333 197 S Herlong Avenue Rock Hill, SC 29732



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Eco-Friendly and Kid-Friendly Activities for Earth Day

An Important Update for Hernia Mesh Sufferers


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Remember These Motorcycle Tips This Riding Season


Get Fit With Fido


3 Ways to Work Out With Your Pet

Creating a healthy lifestyle is often easier with support, but if you’re struggling to find someone to join you on your path to wellness, then look to your furry friends instead. Read on for some ways to get active with your pet, and learn more about their wellness and health at Racking Up the Miles A simple way to get moving with your pet is to go for a walk. If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, then try running, biking, or hiking with your pet. Anything beyond a walk may require extra obedience training or equipment — like a specialty tool that prevents your pet from colliding with your bike — but after a few loops around the trail, your pet will be begging to go again. And how can you say no to that face? Plus, this idea isn’t just for dogs. You can find leashes and harnesses for cats, lizards, ferrets, and other pets that love to get fresh air. Going for a Swim If you have a dog that appears to be more fish than canine, swimming might be the workout for you! Swimming is a joint-friendly cardiovascular exercise that works your entire body. If you’re not one for a dip in the pool, then kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding are great for your arms and core. Meanwhile, your pet can enjoy a relaxing ride or an exciting game of fetch. Just be sure to secure your pet with a life jacket before you and your four-legged friend splash away! Keeping It Traditional If you want a good full-body workout while entertaining your pet, then consider including them in traditional exercises. Entertain your pup with a game of fetch and drop down for a burpee every time it runs away. Balance your bird on your shoulder while you squat and lunge. Mentally and physically stimulate your cat by dragging a string around your body during Russian twists. With a little creativity and a few of your pet’s favorite things, both of you can work up a sweat.



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