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the “Rocky” movies. You know the ones I’m talking about, where months of hard work are distilled into a few sweeping images, all set to music? Now imagine that, but with the lives of your loved ones. That’s how I felt in that moment. You think back to all the memories and all the important life events that these pictures encapsulate. I remember when some of these kids graduated from the small table at cookouts to the big one. At restaurants, the kids can sit at their own table with the grownups at another. On a trip to Jamaica a few weeks ago, two of my high school senior nieces were old enough to legally drink alcohol! That was an eye-opener. Drinking age is one instance where you definitely don’t want to assume the plus-two rule will work. I’m very excited to celebrate the graduates this year, even if their upcoming accomplishments sneaked up on me. We’re determined to get them all down to the Cape for at least one more photo in the lifeguard chair. I guess we’ll also have to come up with a song to play while we all look at the mural and marvel at the passage of time. I don’t think “Eye of the Tiger” would be appropriate in this case. I hope you have the chance to create some summer memories with your loved ones this year. Cherish them while you can, because those little ones will have college degrees before you know it. –Neil Crowley "Whatever grade I assume the kid is in, I add two to it. Almost always, that plus-two number is closer to accurate than my original guess. Turns out, time does move faster than we think."

SOMETIMES IT TAKES A MONTAGE To Remind You How the Time Has Passed

daughter drive off gives me some anxiety. That being said, she is an awesome driver, and part of being a parent is letting yourself be scared at the new responsibilities your kids take on. I think the moment that really emphasized just how much the kids have grown was watching my wife assemble a mural in tribute to this year’s grads. Every year, we have our family members take a photo in a lifeguard chair at the beach near our family house on the Cape. It’s a bit like the photographic version of height marks on a wall. Some of the kids have well over 15 photos in the same location, serving as a wonderful time capsule. Some of the kids weren’t born when we started taking the pictures and are propped up by their cousins in the first few they were around for. Watching these photos be assembled into a massive, era-spanning mural felt like living inside one of those training montages from

Do you ever make the mistake of trying to guess how old a friend’s kids are after you haven’t seen them for a while? I’ve done this time and again, so I’ve developed a little rule to help me from being too far off base. I call it the “plus-two grades” system. Whatever grade I assume a kid is in, I add two to it. Almost always, that plus-two number is closer to accurate than my original guess. Turns out, time does move faster than we think. I had that wake-up call big time this spring when I found out that five of my nieces and nephews will be graduating from either high school or college this year. It still boggles my mind that these kids are no longer kids anymore. I guess I better be ready, though, because my daughter is going off to college in the fall of 2020. She recently got her license, which is another one of those milestones that makes you realize just how grown-up a child is becoming. As a personal injury attorney, you can imagine that seeing my


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