American Consequences - May 2020


EXPOSED: The REAL Reason Why the Rich are Getting Wealthier in America -- While Everyone Else is Being Left Behind

Today, most Americans are being left behind in a way we’ve never--ever--seen before. Sure, the gap between the rich and everyone else has always existed--but never on this level. And never has it increased at this speed. Every year, thousands of people in our country are ascending into millionaire status. On the other side, surveys show nearly 60% of Americans don’t even have $1,000 in savings. That’s why, for the first time ever, Porter Stansberry (an ultra-successful, multi-millionaire businessman), has gone on camera to explain the REAL reason for America’s huge and growing wealth gap. As Porter explains, we don’t need socialism in America. We need a better understanding of how this new economy works. And if you want to truly understand the REAL reason why the rich are getting richer… and the most important step you can take, to be on the right side of this trend, all you have to do is watch the first 10 minutes of Stansberry’s remarkable new video, filmed in his corner office.

Stansberry explains what politicians either don’t understand or simply won’t tell you… and he reveals the one investment he recommends you make (it’s not a stock, bond, ETF, mutual fund, or precious metals), to help make sure you don’t fall behind. Porter is one of the most controversial figures in America today—but he’s also one of the smartest, most successful, and most generous men you’ll ever meet. I guarantee you’ve never heard these ideas discussed in quite this way before. Just watch the first 10 minutes of Stansberry’s new video. You will think about what is happening in America in a completely different way. And you could even have the chance to make money, if you follow his recommendations. You can watch Stansberry’s new video, filmed at our firms’ headquarters, for free here:

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