American Consequences - May 2020


The spirit of Americanism is the root issue here, and Porter hits that nail directly on the head. Can you imagine a Dr. Fauci at Plymouth Rock? Telling those early settlers that they should stay in their homes, or return to England? Heck, they lost a far greater percentage of their numbers in that first winter, and still more of their families and friends came over to join them. I am convinced they’d tell him that they want to live free, even it meant that death was more likely here than in the “safety” they had left behind. They weren’t going back for any reason because they had tasted true freedom and wanted nothing to do with the alternative. – Alan O. Steven Longenecker comment: We agree. No health expert would have recommended the Pilgrims sail 66 days across the Atlantic in a cramped ship with 130 other folks... struggling through a bitter winter... and then dealing with an outbreak of scurvy, pneumonia, and tuberculosis that ended up killing almost half of the settlers. Yet today, 400 years after the Mayflower’s sailing, there are an estimated 10 million living Americans descended from those early Pilgrims. Porter Stansberry comment: It’s been over a month since I wrote “The Big Lie,” and guess what...? There’s still no evidence that shutting down our economy worked or was ever necessary. Our per capita infection rate isn’t materially different than Sweden’s — which didn’t order anyone to stay home. Likewise, more and more evidence proves that by the time the lockdown started, something

Steven Longenecker comment: Makes more sense than what’s coming out of D.C. lately, Tina. It took me weeks to begin to wonder when we became such cowards. Combined with the observation that there are no coincidences, the frailty of our current political circumstance, driven as it is by content broadcasting, had catastrophic implications. As an independent restaurateur, who has yet to receive a penny from any of the touted bailouts, I respond with LBJ’s observation, “Big hat, no cattle”. – Chip B. It would be interesting to go back and review all the predictions from the experts from the time this started. I suspect a blind monkey throwing darts at a board would have been just as accurate. No one had any inkling what the future would bring, but that didn’t stop the pronouncements and the fear-inducement. Lord, protect us from the experts. – David C. Steven Longenecker comment: You’re absolutely right, David. We suspect that no matter what happens with this pandemic, the end result will look obvious in retrospect. If a vaccine comes sooner than expected, folks won’t be surprised... After all, practically every major pharmaceutical company isw working to find a treatment. If it takes years, folks still won’t be surprised... After all, the fastest- ever approved vaccine, for mumps, took four years.


May 2020

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