American Consequences - May 2020

The Wall Street legend who picked Apple in 2003—and Bitcoin in 2016—shares his #1 pick for the 2020s… “The Investment of The Decade” Right now, there is a mad rush in corporate America. It involves Amazon. Google. Microsoft. Facebook. And they're all betting on a new technology the World Economic Forum projects will soar 295,762% over 7 years. But it's not AI, the Internet of Things, or 5G… Now playing for a limited time only. Press Play to Begin.

“A foundational technology, like the Internet and electricity.” —Wall Street Journal

F E AT U R I NG… Teeka Tiwari, America’s #1 Investor ➜ At age 16, moved to America with $150 to pursue Wall Street dream. ➜ At age 20, became youngest Vice President ever at Shearson Lehman. ➜ Became a millionaire at age 23. ➜ In 2010, retired as a successful hedge fund manager. ➜ In 2016, named editor of The Palm Beach Letter. #1 audited track record with 154% per year average gain. That’s 10x better than the S&P 500. And 5x better than investing legends Warren Buffett, Bill Gross, and Carl Icahn… combined.

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