American Consequences - May 2020


Four Billionaires Poured a Fortune Into This One Medical Stock

Joel Greenblatt invested over $40 million. Ken Fisher, around $28 million. Richard Pzena put in around $15 million in shares. Even Buffett’s Berkshire pumped just shy of $200 million into this single stock. Why? Maybe it’s because the medical announcement of the decade is coming soon from one company. And it could send the share price of this company higher than its ever soared before. The best part is this surge in price is likely to happen regardless of what the markets do. And a major announcement could

send it soaring within months or less. This situation reminds me of when my research firm’s readers saw 130% gains in barely three months on a similar medical breakthrough. The difference is – that involved a relatively narrow medical problem. This brand-new drug discovery is MUCH bigger. It's the first ever to fight one of the deadliest diseases in the world – affecting 44 million people. Fortunately, one of the best biotech stock experts in the world explains every step of this unfolding deal... and why the biggest upside is still ahead. You can watch this full explanation, right here…

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