American Consequences - May 2020

policy and bringing the troops home. Ending the welfare-warfare state and the fiat money system may cause some short- term pain, but that pain will be dwarfed by the long-term gains in liberty, peace, and prosperity. But there is more that must be done. The American people must address a very important question in order to bring about the change in direction needed if we expect to renew our free society, which is now hanging by a thread. The question is: what is the role of government in a free society?

data becomes available, there’s little proof it has had anything to do with saving lives. The truth is that many in the medical field believe that a significant number of people may have lost their lives because of the shutdown. These efforts are more characteristic of authoritarianism than they are of a free society. The mandates for the lockdown should be discontinued as quickly as possible. We are losing our country. Authoritarian government officials are sending small business owners like Dallas hairdresser Shelley Luther to jail for daring to open their businesses without “permission” from the state. This is as un-American as you can get. But we should not permit the coronavirus debacle to distract from the bigger issue of how the Federal Reserve has created the largest economic bubble in history. If one concludes that our government is too big and intrusive, one must also realize that it could not have occurred without the Fed being able to finance it with fiat money. The key to ending this crisis and keeping it from spreading is to end the Fed. Indeed, the only way to minimize the coming crisis is to begin immediately unwinding the current system... The first step is to end the lockdown and let businesses reopen and people go back to work. Congress must then begin challenging monetary policy by passing the Audit the Fed bill. Congress should also cut spending, starting with ending our hyper-interventionist foreign

The key to ending this crisis and keeping it from spreading is to end the Fed.

Dr. Ron Paul is a 12-term member of Congress and three-time presidential candidate. While in Washington, D.C., he was one of the few voices advocating for limited government, individual liberty, and sound fiscal principles. He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestselling books The Revolution: A Manifesto and End the Fed. It’s not to make us safe and secure and financially equal. Governments have always failed in these efforts even when well- intended. The role is clear cut: promote liberty. Free people can take care of themselves.

American Consequences


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