American Consequences - May 2020

We’re saying you’re not alone in the world. There is help when you need it. From the feedback we’ve received and the people we’ve met over the years, we’re sure that our subscribers are among the many people out there trying to help their friends and neighbors get through this period. But you can’t be a helper if you don’t have stability yourself. You need to be prepared. In recent years, there’s been a rise of “preppers”... folks who stock bunkers with firearms, axes, and canned food for some coming “apocalypse.” You can count on family and you can count on community. During times of crisis, communities don't break apart. They pull together. We’ve never thought you needed to be that extreme... And we still don’t. Take a couple minutes to do the simple things, like storing some water and assembling a first-aid kit. You should be able to complete the sentence, “If the power goes out for more than a day, I will...” In 2014, I published The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual , my no-nonsense guide to preparing for difficult situations. You can order a physical copy here and here. And yes, we’ve recommended for years that folks keep a box of N95 medical masks in the house (page 38). We’re in a crisis now, and fortunately it didn’t

require much preparation. Yes, you could probably use some masks or hand sanitizer. But electricity is flowing and water is running. More important in this crisis is financial preparation. Unemployment has soared. And having a cash reserve is vital for anyone still in the workforce with daily expenses. Looking further down the road, this is why we focus on investing and building wealth. There’s trouble ahead in the economy, but it looks a lot less stressful to someone with a million-dollar investment account than $1,000 in checking... even if the investment account has lost 20%. We don’t invest to earn money to spend on cars or clothes. We invest for something else... Philosophy No. 2: INVEST FOR FREEDOMAND CALM When people think of Wall Street, they often picture a flurry of floor traders in color- coded vests barking bids at one another. Or they think of riding a hot tip they got from a guy who “knows something” and seeing an immediate windfall. That’s not how it works. Or rather, that’s not how it should work. We don’t want excitement in our investment accounts. We don’t want risk and drama and hours of analysis. (We love doing the analysis at Stansberry Research, but you don’t want it to be your full-time job.) We want to put our money to work for us.

American Consequences


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