Johnson Tiles 2018 Catalogue


Tiles have been a form of expression celebrating cultures and beliefs in homes, businesses and places of worship all over the world. Their versatility is derived from the ability to use them as both an art form and within functional architecture. Tiles have also evolved and integrated with the development of human civilization with traces of tiles found as far back as 4000 B.C. in Egypt. The passage of time has seen Johnson Tiles continue to be featured in leading homes, offices, and iconic buildings and landmarks. Our designs, while contemporary, allow for individual styles and tastes to reflect the very essence of human nature and individuality. Leveraging on our lineage from master English craftsmen, Johnson Tiles has continued to integrate the latest manufacturing techniques and machinery to cater for the most intricate tastes and design requirements. At Johnson Tiles, we continually aim to excite the imagination with innovative and stylish tile solutions. Johnson Tiles is proud and honoured to be part of a culture where aesthetics are interwoven with lifestyle and function. We seek to allow the creativity that exists in us all to be free to create beautiful, stylish environments that tempt the soul to seek more than what is seen. As individual style is perpetual, its beauty, excitement and inspiration remain enduring. We aspire to achieve such transcendence in our customers’ experiences.

This is the Johnson Tiles bond.

Panama White 500x500mm Rectified


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