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ITTLE FALLS, NJ — MAST Construction Services has announced the promotion of three long- standing team members: Troy Marzziotti, Jim Napolitano and Paul Skabich . Effective immediately, all have been elevated from senior project manager to project executive. In this role, Marzziotti, Na- politano and Skabich will take on corporate responsibilities within the 14-year-old com- pany and will be accountable for management, profitability, process, staffing and client relations. Each reports to MAST found-

Shown from left: Napolitano, Marzziotti, Domuracki and Skabich

er and president Ted Domu- racki . “All three of these profession- als have solid reputations for outstanding work and contri- butions in their long histories with our firm,” said Domuracki.

“Troy is one of the best time management professionals I have worked with in my ca- reer; Jim has extraordinary client maintenance skills and team building capabilities; and Paul is an extremely results-oriented and focused project management profes- sional. Each of them is an in- tegral part of the MAST team and I look forward to watching them flourish in their new leadership positions. n ” How vulnerable are you and your . . . exploit those vulnerabilities! Let us step back to ancient times and look at an histori- cal example of vulnerability exploitation in how the Greeks entered the city of Troy with a gift of a wooden horse. That same thought process of ex- ploiting vulnerabilities is being exhibited today and it is how attackers, hackers, criminals and daredevils get in and do what they want in our business and personal worlds. Perhaps we have increased our attention to what is hap- pening around us since 9/11, but based upon the experiences of 2014 we appear to be too complacent in our business and personal lives regarding our vulnerabilities. This com- placency is a huge risk in that the more relaxed we become, the more likely we will not be as vigilant and will not keep our guard up. When things are going well in our business and personal lives we permit pro- crastination, relaxed security procedures, and unchecked policies to become growing vulnerabilities. And those per- mitted behaviors amplify our vulnerabilities and encourage, embolden and enable those who seek to disrupt our busi- ness and our personal security! J. Glenn Ebersole, Jr., P.E. is the strategic vice president of Business De- velopment/Marketing at Hollenbach Construction, Inc. n continued from page 2B

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