2020-21 SaskEnergy Corporate Governance

Stakeholder Engagement

Communications Models Employed Strong two-way communications models support the achievement of business and corporate results. The Corporation is committed to rigorous and professional communications practices that support the principles of timeliness, openness and transparency with its stakeholders. Customer and Public Communications SaskEnergy employs a wide range of methods, from print and online media to phone and face-to-face contact, to communicate with its more than 400,000 customers. SaskEnergy continues to emphasize the use of technology to make it easier for customers to access the information they want or need, such as their billing and meter reading data, and in the development of new platforms to better allow customers to contact SaskEnergy through their preferred method. For example, in 2020- 21, the Corporation launched new, modern websites for SaskEnergy and TransGas that offer more self-service options for customers. In addition, the Corporation introduced a new text messaging service to keep customers up to date on their SaskEnergy appointments. Sask 1st Call saw significant growth in the use of its service in 2020-21. Sask 1st Call is the initial customer contact for those requesting line locates to ensure underground facilities are clearly marked for safe excavation. They provide a screening and ticket notification service on behalf of 105 companies including SaskEnergy and TransGas. Customer line locate ticket volumes increased by 10 per cent in 2020-21 compared to 2019-20, with 64 per cent of those requests coming from online services, an increase of nine per cent from the previous fiscal year. Sask 1st Call continues to invest in its infrastructure to improve services to members. Investment in new ‘one call’ technology has provided Sask 1st Call members more targeted notifications ensuring only those who own underground infrastructure in a work area are notified of the need for line locates. Sask 1st Call also continues to promote the importance of ‘Click’ or ‘Call’ Before You Dig with the digging community to increase awareness of this service and safety initiative within the province. TransGas fosters personal contact with its 122 transportation and storage customers through dedicated account representatives that meet each customer’s needs. It also promotes contact through the TransGas Customer Dialogue Process, where customer rates and operational policies are jointly addressed before recommended implementation. SaskEnergy works effectively with the plumbing, heating and mechanical contracting industry, which is highlighted by the Industry Dialogue process

resulting in the creation of the SaskEnergy Network. There are 178 Residential Network Members in 54 communities and 72 Commercial Network Members in 16 communities. These private sector plumbing and heating contractors use the SaskEnergy Network brand to deliver downstream services to natural gas customers. Critical corporate initiatives, such as creating public awareness around energy efficiency and public safety (“Click Before You Dig”), are also promoted through multi-media advertising and communications campaigns, as well as direct-contact programs, such as contractor safety breakfasts, first responder training sessions and landowner mail-outs. SaskEnergy has a strong commitment to providing safe and reliable service to customers, ensuring they understand how to use natural gas safely and that the Corporation responds in a timely manner. This includes public awareness about what customers should do if they smell natural gas and how to protect themselves from carbon monoxide poisoning. Major corporate initiatives, such as changes to the Corporation’s delivery or commodity rates, are communicated through news conferences and public events, and are supported through information distributed through SaskEnergy’s website and on customer bills. Tools, such as e-billing and equalized payment plans, allow customers greater control over the management of their natural gas bills. The Corporation continues to analyze the usage of social media tools in its utility business context. The SaskEnergy website also provides access to corporate information, such as quarterly financial updates and annual reports, energy efficiency and safety-related information, as well as career opportunities and a streamlined process for charities and non-profits to request financial support through the Corporation’s community investment program. The high level of efficacy and support for SaskEnergy’s and TransGas’ customer communications approach is reflected through ongoing high levels of customer As a Crown corporation, SaskEnergy complies with the communications requirements set by the Shareholder and by statute, in accordance with the Board-approved external communications policy. Through the Board Chair, the Board is accountable to the Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy. The Minister functions as a communications liaison among the Corporation, CIC, Cabinet, the Provincial Legislature and the public. SaskEnergy fully complies with its statutory obligations or approval and disclosure of information. These responsibilities include: satisfaction in its independent surveys. Shareholder Communications


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