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understand what to do and how to do it, which is beneficial to the environment and the business’ bottom line. The Process Permit holders complete an online application and licensing request. Once verified that everything is correct and the license is activated, the client’s site(s) are built into the Simpli Stormwater system and the client can begin populating each site account. This will capture the information identified in each site-specific stormwater pollution pre - vention plan (SWPPP), which allows Simpli Stormwater to develop the site requirements. The easy-to-follow process uses questions and prompts to gather the information and set up the account. Once the account is established, workflows are defined, task reminders are generated, inspectors are notified of what to do and when, reports are pushed through to authorized signatories for signing, corrective ac- tions are tracked to completion and everything is stored in the cloud for easy retrieval. Raba Kistner has two planned upgrades to the software: • A SWPPP generator that will allow clients to generate their own SWPPP; and • Laboratory integration that will seamlessly integrate shipment of the required glassware, chemical analysis and reporting for the site specific required chemical analysis Business Benefits Proper compliance with complex regulatory processes requires a heavy learning investment on the part of permit holders. Compliance is not only the right thing to do, it can also impact the bottom line, because improper management of these processes can cost permit holders fines and extra time and human resources to return to compliance. By lever- aging technology and decades of regulatory experience, Raba Kistner has created a tool to shorten the learning curve and keep permit holders compliant at once. One of the biggest business benefits of stormwater compliance pro - grams is the ability to track data and provide transparent reporting to clients, stakeholders, and regulatory authorities. Because of organiza- tional turnover, changes in personnel can lead to information and data

being lost or improperly interpreted over time, which in turn causes inaccurate reporting and results. When businesses make the switch to cloud compliance tools, all information is tracked, stored, and eas- ily traceable from one person to the next. And by understanding the impact of stormwater management as it relates to different industries and environments, more informed decisions can be made for needed change to both regulations and industry. Environmental Benefits Improper or haphazard management of stormwater can have detrimen- tal effects now and well into the future. But most people and businesses want to do the right thing. What Raba Kistner has found is that when clients are more in tune with what needs to be done and the processes to get there, it is easier to take the right steps. Proper stormwater man- agement and the resulting compliance with local, state, and federal regulations helps these businesses and industries work toward creating a sustainable environment now and for future generations. Simpli Stormwater leverages technology with human experience to deliver a solution that spans generational and regulatory shifts while keeping the focus on protecting our water and the environment.

CLAYTON HALL is division manager of stormwater compliance with Raba Kistner, Inc., a premier Engineering Consulting and Program Management Firm based in San Antonio, TX.



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