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july 2021

Intelligent Data Summit july 22 – virtual

Intelligent Data Summit - is a multi-vendor virtual summit where experts will share how to design and deliver a modern digital enterprise powered by analytics, data & AI/ML. Topics include proven strategies, tools and platforms for all environments. https://www.idevnews.com/registration/?event_id=518&code=23053 august 2021 The recommended prerequisite for this course is Zweig Group’s Project Management for AEC Professionals as this advanced-level content builds on and hones the skills developed in this course. This course is ideal for people that have existing experience leading projects and teams. A new advanced skills training course for project managers led by a panel of three experts backed by a ton of research on how to best train project managers to be more effective and efficient. Advanced Project Management for AEC Professionals august 10 – virtual https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/advanced- project-management-for-aec-professionals-virtual-seminar-starting- february-3-2021?variant=39017772679319 Powered by the global reach of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), XPONENTIAL is the only gathering for leaders and end users in every industry to share use cases, experience new technology, strike up new partnerships, and solve real problems. It’s a global platform optimized to help big ideas take flight. From hands-on demos on the XPO floor to a video call with someone on the other side of the globe, personal relationships are at the heart of the experience– because a single conversation could spark your next ‘aha’ moment. https://www.xponential.org/xponential2021/public/Enter.aspx Join CHANCE® for a two-part webinar to learn how extreme events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, storm surges, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters often cause substantial damage to the foundation of existing structures that requires rapid response for repair. In some areas, recurring events produce repeating damage to traditional foundations of lightly loaded residential and commercial structures. Learn why helical piles are an attractive engineered solution that can be used to provide rapid high capacity load bearing characteristics in most geologic settings for both new foundations and remedial repair. https://csengineermag.com/foundations-for-extremes/ september 2021 AUVSI XPONENTIAL august 16-19 – atlanta, ga Foundations for Extremes webinar august 19 & 26 – virtual Commercial UAV Expo Americas september 7-9 – las vegas, nv Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2021 is where the commercial drone

International Conference on Civil Engineering and Architectural Design july 1-3 – munich, germany

CEAD Germany 2021 will make an ideal stage for worldwide, as it unites famous speakers, specialists, business people over the globe, with a generally energizing and important logical occasion loaded up with a lot of edifying intuitive sessions, world-class display, Oral and publication introductions. Civil engineering conference 2021 show’s a goal to furnish the development, business with a profoundly engaged entryway to learn, arrange, and exploit the significant developments and Learning. https://ic2020cead.org/ Each team member brings their own unique experiences and skillset to project teams. Effectively leveraging the talents of your team can optimize team effectiveness. Project Management for AEC Professionals provides people-focused, science-driven practical skills to help project leaders harness the power of their team. By addressing the most important aspects of any project – the people – this course will provide practical techniques that can be immediately implemented for a positive impact on any AEC team or business. Project Management for AEC Professionals july 6 – virtual https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/project- management-for-aec-professionals-virtual-seminar-starting-april-7- 2021?variant=39017656877207 AUVSI’s Automated Freight Summit (AFS) will take place July 7-8, 2021 as a virtual event, diving into all things automated freight – safety, insurance, workforce, policy, and more. Join a diverse set of summit attendees as we tackle key questions related to accelerating the safe deployment of automated freight across the United States already underway. https://www.auvsi.org/events/automated-freight- summit?source=search-events Elevating Doer-Sellers: Business Development for AEC Professionals july 7 – virtual Elevating Doer-Sellers: Business Development for AEC Professionals is specifically developed to help design and technical professionals in architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental firms become more comfortable managing clients and promoting the firm and its services. Led by two retired and current CEOs with extensive experience from the design desk to the board room, this one-of-a-kind seminar presents business development techniques proven to drive real growth and value in your AEC firm. AUTOMATED FREIGHT SUMMIT july 7-8 – virtual https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/elevating- doer-sellers-business-development-for-aec-professionals-virtual- seminar-starting-april-4-2021?variant=38779972518039



july 2021

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