All Clean Softwash July 2019


JULY 2019

Our Annual Independence Day Getaway A Fourth Without Fireworks

Instead of fireworks, we have the stars in the night sky. Instead of burgers and dogs, we have trout grilled over an open flame. If you want to put a sentimental spin on it, you might say it’s a celebration in the style of early settlers to the American West. One of the best aspects about living here is the incredible landscape; there is such an abundance of natural beauty. It’s pretty cool to celebrate the anniversary of our country in a place where many of the trees are older than George Washington. When you go tent camping for a few days, returning to regular life is a fun change of pace in itself. You go from living in the past to being back in the present in the course of one drive. All of a sudden, we’re back in a world with smartphones, Instagram, and professional exterior washing companies. Speaking of those companies, have you considered brightening up the exterior of your home this summer? (Great segue there, I know.) All-Clean! SoftWash provides the services you need to take people’s attention away from the sun and onto your beautiful home. Our calendars start getting booked this time of year, so now’s the time to schedule a consultation with one of our expert technicians. Don’t worry; our cleaning methods are very much of the 21st century. Whether you celebrate the Fourth of July with a crowd of hundreds or as a party of one, I hope you’ll enjoy it this year. We’re lucky to live in the United States, a country that offers a great mix of natural beauty and modern progress. I love stepping into the past for a few days, but I don’t think I’d want to live there all the time. Luckily, I live here in Oregon, where we have the opportunity to get the best of both worlds.

I think most people use the Fourth of July as a chance to get together with friends and family, enjoy a barbecue, and watch the fireworks. My husband, Tim, and I take the opposite approach. For us, the Fourth is a chance to get away, get back to nature, and enjoy some quiet time together. Our daughter, Justine, has come along with us some years, but she’s not a fan of the mosquitoes and usually prefers to leave the “roughing it” to us and Duzer, our trusty canine companion. Normally, we head out to Bend and hike to Three Creek Lake in Deschutes National Forest. We bring little more than a tent, fishing poles, books, and some food. The most modern convenience we bring with us is plenty of Diet Coke; we’re both hopelessly hooked on the stuff. By day, we fish for trout, explore nature, and maybe go for a swim. By night, we cook the day’s catch, zip up the tent — we’re no fans of the mosquitoes either — do some reading, and go to sleep. It may not be the most raucous of Independence Day celebrations, but we look forward to it all the same.

But maybe we could do something about those dang mosquitoes? Just a thought.

Happy Fourth, everyone!

–Jennifer Ricca


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