Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Subscription Program

PPE Solutions Hand Sanitizer Stations Subscription Program

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Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Station • Each Hand Sanitizer Stand has these user-friendly features: • Motion detected operation for no touch dispensing of gel hand sanitizer • High quality sensor ensures accurate and timely dispensing, eliminating waste • Long lasting battery powered operation. Get up to 30,000 uses for each battery change • Operates with four (4) C batteries (not included) and features quick change installation • Protective tray prevents drips and spills • Easy to-fill Dispenser tank works with any gel sanitizer and holds 40.5 oz. of sanitizer • Simple, no tool set up; stand measures 11.4” x 13” x 48” tall; weight is 10 lbs. • Lockable with window design and indicator light when level is low • All units are factory tested 4 times to ensure seamless operation

Hand Sanitizer Refill Packs

• Sold per carton, 3 gallon bottles per carton • Carton size = 21 x 7 x 13 inches

• Weight per carton = 28 lbs. • 70% alcohol, FDA Approved

• Minimum Order: • Price: $22.83/unit

How much is enough?

• Each dispenser holds 1200 ML (40.6 OZ) and provides approximately 1,200 dispenses. • Refills are sold in a 3 bottle carton of 1 Gallon Bottles, providing an average of 6,000 dispenses. • Use our guide below to help determine Refill Cases needed per month at that location:

Monthly Dispenses Per Location

Order these:

Up to 6,000

1 Refill Pack

6,000 to 12,000

2 Refill Packs

12,000 to 18,000

3 Refill Packs


8 Refill Packs


17 Refill Packs


Hand Sanitizer Subscription Program

HAND SANITIZER REFILLS • Each Sanitizer Station dispenser unit provides hand sanitizer for 1,200 people. • Each refill pack of 3 1-Gallon bottles provides an average of 6,000 dispenses. • Determine the approximate dispenses needed each month for each location, and we’ll automatically ship the amount needed . • Subscription shipments can flex to adjust to location based needs. • Invoices are issued at the time of refill shipment.

TOUCH-FREE HAND SANITIZER STATIONS • Determine the number of Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Stations needed for your locations or properties, including: • Building entrances • Elevator banks • Stairwell access points • Entrances to meeting and dining rooms • Provide Centricity with total number needed • You’ll receive a firm quote to include shipping costs and delivery timeline • You pay a deposit of 50% of your Sanitizer Station quote


To order, contact:

Erin Harroun eharroun@centricitynow.com 703-624-1259


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