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replacement schools. “In both instances, our multi- disciplinary team designed and helped curate a customized interpretive exhibit display of artifacts and signage that was unique to Trenton Central High School and Camden High School,” said Stern, who noted the firm has been engaged for similar projects across New Jersey, NYC and Philadelphia. To achieve this, DIGroup’s ar- chitects, interiors team and en- vironmental graphics specialists collaborated with staff, alumni, families, local community mem- bers and historical societies to

document the traditions, catalog artifacts and research over 100 years of achievement. The end result: an enriched user experi - ence that weaves the previous building’s past into a modern- day learning environment. Founded in 1978, Preser- vation New Jersey is a non- profit, member-supported historic preservation organi- zation. As part of its mission, the organization promotes the economic vitality, sus- tainability and heritage of New Jersey’s diverse com- munities through advocacy and education. MAREJ

EW BRUNSWICK, NJ — Preservation New Jersey (PNJ)

has named DIGroup Archi- tecture , one of the leaders in educational architecture, inte- rior design and environmental graphics design, as the 2022 David H. Knights New Pres- ervation Initiatives Award re- cipient for its innovative design work at Trenton Central High School (Trenton, NJ) and Cam- den High School (Camden, NJ). The firm is being recognized for its sustained contributions to the understanding and pro- motion of historic preservation and history in the state. The U.S. Green Build- ing Council New Jersey also recently named Camden High School as its 2022 LEED Project of the Year in the “Schools” category. Awarded annually, the New Jersey Historic Preservation Awards celebrate excellence in preservation across a wide range of categories. In addi- tion to acknowledging the top preservation projects in the state, other categories include leadership, writing and rising young professionals. “DIGroup Architecture is driven by a unifying ‘architec - ture for change’ mindset that is evident in every single one of our educational projects, where we strive to deliver innovative designs that connect, enhance and strengthen the experience of the end users as well as the greater surrounding commu- nity,” said Jeffrey Venezia , CEO of DIGroup. “Thanks to our unique spe- cialty in repurposing historic artifacts from a demolished building and memorializing them into a new design, we are able to incorporate an interpre - tive component into the learn- ing environment and connect a newly designed exhibition space to the past, present and future,” said Marina Stern, the firm’s director of graphic de - sign. DIGroup worked closely with the New Jersey Schools Development Authority (NJS- DA) on both assignments. At Trenton Central and Camden High Schools, demo- lition of the original historic structures yielded architec- turally significant columns, capitals, pediments, mosaics and other artifacts. In turn, these were integrated into the design of their respective

DIGroup Architecture earned the New Preservation Ini- tiatives Award from Preservation New Jersey for its work at Camden High School (pictured) and Trenton Central High School – Photo Credit: Nicholas Venezia

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