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Women in Business

o you feel being a woman is an advan- tage, disadvantage or Danielle Brunelli, RJ Brunelli “I work hard at creating a supportive, familial atmosphere where people feel like they can grow” D

lease recently. Because of our leasing progress, we were able to provide our client multiple offers to purchase the shop - ping center. In December of 2021, we sold the ITC Center for around fifty million dol - lars. Not only did we make an incredible sale, the new owner is an inspiring thirty-two year old with an amazing vision who I continue to represent. What I was most proud of was that my brother, father, and I worked on this together. It was a true family effort, and we performed just as we told the sellers we would. Tell us a little about your

family: I have eleven-year-old twins named Ariella and Aksel, who I love more than anything. Aksel is incred - ibly smart and kind. He’s a gifted chess player—and he also plays tennis, soccer, and has become a great wrestler. Ariella is my mini me. She is hardworking, compassionate, and loves to play with her baby cousins. She’s also hi - larious. Like her brother, she loves sports. She plays tennis and has recently gotten into softball—just like me, when I was her age. continued on page 22D

Danielle Brunelli President RJ Brunelli Years with company/firm: 23 Years Years in field: 23 Years Years in real estate industry: 23 Years Real estate organizations/affiliations: ICSC

no advantage in today’s busi- ness world? Why? Why not? I have always felt being a woman is an advantage. I start - ed off in this industry being in the minority, and it was a little easier to stand out in a conven - tion hall of men. Additionally, women in the business often try to support one another. Twelve years ago, I had been referred by other women in the industry to the new real estate manager for Dollar Tree to represent them in New Jersey, and I am fortunate to still be representing them. Additionally, I believe it’s easier for women to understand retailers as we’re the primary consumer. Women have a strong capacity to juggle several re - sponsibilities at once. We listen well, have empathy for others and pay close attention to what those around us need. We’re also trustworthy and stand by our word. Most women work with others in a respectful way, while standing firm. What unique qualities and or personality do you feel makes you most suc- cessful in your profession? Over the last twenty-five years, I have created great relationships with people in this industry. Since I began working at RJ Brunelli when I was eighteen, many people saw me grow up in the busi - ness. They’ve watched me develop as a broker—as some - one who is hardworking and determined to succeed. I’m diligent about following up with people and taking the necessary steps to accomplish the task at hand. I’m not afraid to lose a deal, if that’s what’s best for the client. I’ve always been taught that the client’s interests are my priority. At this point in my career, the ups and downs don’t worry me too much. When making a deal, I always look for ways to bring the parties of the negotiation together. At RJ Brunelli & Co., we strive to be ethical in all of the work that we do. What was the most defin - ing moment for you in the profession you are cur- rently in? This past year, 2021, was a milestone for me. I was named Exclusive Tenant rep for Rais - ing Canes, which is a national chain restaurant built by an incredible, philanthropic en - trepreneur. It’s been an exhila -

ter—a 500,000 s/f power center in Mt. Olive—and I was able to commence lease signings for multiple tenants, in addi - tion to gaining interest from Home Goods who signed a

rating experience to plan and roll out a strategic expansion for such an amazing company. Additionally, through a refer - ral, I obtained the listing to lease the ITC Shopping Cen -

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