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where innovation, customisation and inclusivity will enable quality education and expand access. To echo President Ramaphosa’s message of Easter Sunday, South Africans are resilient people and we have the technical capability of overcoming challenges through innovation. COVID-19, as negative as it is, allows us to re-think, to re-invent, and in this approach to bring about uniquely South African and African solutions. Prof Saurabh Sinha (registered professional engineer) is Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Internationalisation, University of Johannesburg. This article also appeared in the Daily Maverick on 22 April males and six females out of eleven. As the competition was conducted online, the SA Radio Awards organisers produced login codes for nominees to participate in the Awards ceremony on its website. Says the station manager Tebatso Maapola, “Since 2017, UJFM has been on an upward trajectory showing competitiveness against its peers within the campus, mainstream commercial and public broadcasting spaces. For instance, UJFM was the most nominated radio station for Liberty Radio Awards in 2017/18, was in the Top 3 campus radio stations in South Africa in 2018/19 and now winning the SA Radio Awards Best Imaged Radio Station in 2019/20 under a combined category of Campus and Community Radio. The station has since changed from a rock music playing station to becoming a content driven platform of engagements to information, education and entertainment.” UJFM broadcasts from its studios at the University’s Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus and on digital platforms such as the University’s website, and various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

the Fourth Industrial Revolution (PC4IR), this is something that needs to be done. South Africa must develop data sovereignty. Thus, put bluntly: there should be recognition that technical capability does exist in the country and that technical people have the ability to develop such an LMS. Perhaps as a result of this COVID-19 crisis, the PSET sector can be clustered through shared online provisioning. I recognise a number of other short-term demands, such as allowing for student movement or a return to residences (the ‘cities’). As conditions of the COVID-19 lockdown ease, these short-term interventions will help. But the focus of this article is on the online intention and also on a future

provides a larger display. This will require public-private and possibly international partnerships. During this COVID-19 lockdown, as with the tight and excellent monitoring by the Competition Commission and other arms of government, any unfair price escalation or tenderpreneuring should be dealt with decisively! A national LMS: While I fully recognise that some HEIs use internationally based LMS and zero-rating, this is costly for this grouping. We must recognise that South Africa is developing the SKA (the world’s largest antenna project) in the Karoo desert. Developing a localised LMS is quite within its capability and for reasons alluded to in the recommendations of the Presidential Commission on

Ujfm scoops Best Station Imaging award in vir tual 2020 radio awards

Show (presented by Nick Explicit), Campus Day Time Radio Show (The Urban Brunch and The Ego Trip), Campus Station Imaging (UJFM 95.4), Campus Night Show (The Urban Dance Culture), Campus Station of the Year (UJFM 95.4), and the Campus Afternoon Drive Show (The UJFM Drive). The presenters that drive the nominated shows also reflect the country’s gender parity, with five

​South Africa is finding new ways of doing business in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, evidenced by the 2020 Radio Awards, which were held virtually on Friday 17 April 2020, when UJ’s campus radio station, UJFM 95.4, won the Best Station Imaging award in the Campus and Community Combined category. UJFM was nominated in seven categories, including the Breakfast



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